Plan of Review for the Volunteer Corps Which Are to Assemble at Belfast in July 1781
Oratio Ex Harveii Instituto Habita in Theatro Collegii Regalis Medicorum Londiniensis Octob19 MDCCXCVI a Gulielmo Saunders
W----ss Feast Or Dryden Travesti A Mock Pindarick Addressed to His Most Incorruptible Highness Prince Patriotism
Father Abrahams Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1781 Fitted to the Latitude of Forty Degrees and a Meridian of Near Five Hours West from London by Abraham Weatherwise Gent
Rules and Orders Relating to the Royal Academy Established in His Majestys Dock-Yard at Portsmouth for Educating Young Gentlemen to the Sea Service
Rules and Articles for the Better Government of His Majestys Horse and Foot Guards and All Other His Forces in Great Britain and Ireland Anno 1749
Rules for the Government of the Poor House in Manchester
Religious Pieces Superiority of Religious Views by Dr Langhorne c c
Select Histories of Human Nature Under the Following Heads 1 of Giants II of Dwarfs the Whole Collected from the Best Authors in Various Languages with Miscellaneous Notes
Instructions for Officers Concerned in Ascertaining the Duties on Candles in the Country
Articles and Regulations for the Society of Universal Goodwill Established in Norwich in Great-Britain
Premiums Offered by the Society Instituted at London for the Encouragement of Arts Manufactures and Commerce
Three Poems Viz I Reason a Satire by the Reverend Mr Pomfret II the Female Phaeton by Mr Harcourt III the Judgement of Venus by the Same
Patriotism! a Farce as It Is Acted by His Majestys Servants
Impeachment or No Impeachment Or an Enquiry How Far the Impeachment of Certain Persons at the Present Juncture Would Be Consistent with Honour and Justice
King Williams Affection to the Church of England Examind the Third Edition
Atalanta an Opera As It Is Performd at the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden on Occasion of an Illustrious Marriage
Motives and Encouragements to Bear Afflictions Patiently To Rejoice Under Them And to Be Thankful for Them the Fourth Edition
The University Miscellany Or More Burning Work for the Oxford Convocation the Second Edition Corrected
Sunday Reading Joseph Delivered Out of Prison the Story of Joseph and His Brethren Part III
Instructions for Officers Concerned in Ascertaining the Duties on Sope in the Country
The Age of Loyalty An Historical Panegyric with Explanatory Notes
Constitutions of the Society of Stewards and Subscribers for Maintaining and Educating Poor Orphans of the Clergy Till of Age to Be Put Apprentice
John Bull in His Senses Being the Second Part of Law Is a Botcomless[sic]-Pit Printed from a Manuscript Found in the Cabinet of the Famous Sir Humphry Polesworth Note the Contents Are Placd Before Every Chapter
Information for the Magistrates and Town Council of Edinburgh Against the Presbytery and Kirk-Sessions of Edinburgh
Memoirs and Interesting Adventures of an Embroidered Waistcoat Part II in Which Is Introduced the Episode of a Petticoat
Charity the Bond of Perfectness Or Christs Law of Love the Perfectest Scheme of Relative Duty and Human Happiness by Benjamin Owen Addressed to Christians and Deists
Articles of the Copartnery of the Freemen-Burgesses of the Royal Burrows of Scotland for Carrying on a Fishing Trade Dated at Edinburgh 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th August 1720
The Contest An English Pastoral in Two Parts to a Friend in the Country by George Pasmore
John Bull in His Senses Being the Second Part of Law Is a Bottomless-Pit Printed from a Manuscript Found in the Cabinet of the Famous Sir Humphry Polesworth
A Letter from a Member of the Last Parliament to a New Member of the Present Concerning the Conduct of the War with Spain With Some Observations on the Hanover Neutrality
Four Original Letters Viz Two from a Husband to a Gentleman And Two from a Husband to a Wife the Third Edition
Remarks on Some Late Assertions in a Great Assembly Relative to East India Affairs
The Queen A Pindarick Ode by Mr Cha Johnson
The Tablet of Cebes Or a Picture of Human Life a Poem Copied from the Greek of Cebes the Theban by a Gentleman of Oxford
From Whence Come Wars? an Enquiry Into the Origin with a View of the Progress and Effects of War a Sermon Preached in the Church of Govan on the Public Fast February 9th 1779 by the Reverend William Thom
Rosamond an Opera Humbly Inscribd to Her Grace the Dutchess of Marlborough
The Peace-Offering An Essay Shewing the Cession of Hanover to Be the Only Probable Means for Extinguishing the Present Rebellion Without Farther Bloodshed by Methuselah Whitelock
The Beauties of the Brinsleiad Or a Sketch of the Opposition A Poem Interspersed with Notes No I
A Thanksgiving Sermon Preached at Little St Helens to the Society That Support the Lords Day Morning Lecture There On the First of August 1743 by Edward Godwin
Parnassian Sprigs Or Poetical Miscellanies by William Mavor
Dr Musgraves Reply to a Letter Published in the News Papers by the Chevalier dEon
Relative Holiness a Sermon Preachd at the Consecration of the Parish-Church of St John in Southwark June 15 1733 by William Richardson Ma
A Catalogue of All the Entire and Well-Chosen Library of the Late Mrs Letitia Wiggett in St Georges Colgate Norwich Which Will Be Sold by Auction by Edward Crane on Wednesday the 28th Inst and Two Following Days
The Hobby-Horse A Characteristical Satire on the Times Printed from a Manuscript Found Among the Papers of a Late Deceased Satirist
The Criterion Or Disquisitions on the Present Administration Addressed to Sir George Saville Bart by Joseph Williams
A Continuation of the History of the Crown-Inn With Characters of Some of the Late Servants And the Proceeding of the Trustees to the Coming of the New Landlord Part II the Second Edition
Discover the Aeolian Islands 2019 Impressions from the Aeolian Islands
Couleurs Marrakech 2019 La ville de Marrakech au Maroc
Western Art 2019 Snapshots of a nostalgic time travel
Roussillon Un des plus beaux villages de France 2019 En Provence au c ur du Luberon se situe Roussillon le village des ocres Il ne ressemble a aucun autre
Big Jets 2019 Images of widebody aircraft from the worlds airlines
American Model Cars UK-Version 2019 Wonderful scale models shown in authentic sceneries (dioramas)
Portraits Equins 2019 Portraits en noir et blanc de chevaux
La magie des grandeurs des Pyrenees 2019 Decouvrez la feerie des sommets des lacs des ruisseaux et des grands sites des Pyrenees
Grizzlys - The Calendar UK-Version 2019 Grizzly Bears - a photo shoot in the Alaskan wilderness
Scenes from Pembrokeshire 2019 Beautiful scenes from Pembrokeshire in West Wales
Beautiful Billinge 2019 Images from in and around Billinge
Chicks have character 2019 So young and already so expressive
Paris des annees 80 2019 Flanerie en noir et blanc dans Paris des annees 80
Le Jardin de Chine Montreal Canada 2019 Le plus grand et plus beau jardin chinois en dehors de la Chine
Tout simplement Rio de Janeiro 2019 Calendrier avec des photos de Rio de Janeiro
Grey Seal Pups of Donna Nook 2019 New borns and week old seal pups
Hang gliding at Rhossili 2019 Hang gliding photography
Lumieres des Vosges 2019 Paysages feeriques des Vosges au gre de mes escapades
Cyprus the sunny Mediterranean paradise 2019 Discover an island full of fascinating culture and landscapes
Christianity a Poem
Wakeboarding UK-Version 2019 Professionals doing wakeboarding A very fast and spectacular water sport
LE SAHARA LAlgerie du Sud 2019 Le Sahara de lAlgerie du Sud contact avec le desert de sable ses habitants sa nature et sa culture
The Present State of the Literati A Satire
Reflections on the Common English Version of the Scriptures and on the Necessity of Its Being Revised by Authority a Poem
Book of Martyrs an Account of Holy Men Who Died for the Christian Religion
A Vindication of the Exclusive Right of Authors to Their Own Works A Subject Now Under Consideration Before the Twelve Judges of England
Mother Gooses Fairy Tales Containing I Little Red Riding Hood II Blue Beard III Cinderilla
Minutes of Evidence Taken Before the Select Committee on the Baltinglass Election
The Wonderful Wonder of Wonders Or the Hole-History of the Life and Actions of Mr Breech the Eighth Wonder of the World by Dr S-T the Sixth Edition
The Tryal of Skill Between squire Walsingham and Mother Osborne an Eclogue in Imitation of Virgils Palaemon to Which Are Added Horace to Fannius and an Apology for Printing a Certain Noblemans Epistle to Dr S-W-N
Popes Miscellany the Second Part Containing I the Hyde-Park Ramble II the Parsons-Daughter III the Court-Ballad IV Court Epigrams to Which Is Added the Westminster Ballad by Mr Joseph Gay
Observations on Several Acts of Parliament Passed in the Fourth Sixth and Seventh Years of His Present Majestys Reign Published by the Merchants of Boston
One Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty-Eight Or Past 12 OClock and a Cloudy Morning in Two Cantos Canto I
John the Painters Ghost How He Appeared on the Night of His Execution to Lord Temple And How His Lordship Did Communicate the Same at Full Court to the Astonishment of All Present
Some Account of the Family of Sacheverell from Its Original to This Time
Rules and Orders of the Toxophilite Society Instituted at Leicester House Anno Domini MDCCLXXXI Together with the By-Laws of the Society
The Green-Cloth Or the Verge of the Court an Epistle to a Friend by Mr Wh----D
Miscellany Poems on Moral Subjects
Chevy-Chase with a Preface Endeavouring to Prove That the Author Intended the Earl of Douglass for His Hero And Notes on Some Passages of the Poem to Which Is Subjoined Hardy Knute A Fragment Being the First Canto of an Epic Poem with Notes
Popes Miscellany Viz I the Basset-Table II the Drawing-Room III the Toilet IV the Looking-Glass V the Worms VI the First Psalm Translated for the Use of a Young Lady the Second Edition
The University Miscellany Or More Burning Work for the Ox--F---D Convocation
Delights for Young Men and Maids Containing 1 Near an Hundred Riddles with Pictures and a Key to Each 2 Two True Lovers Knots
Mumbo Chumbo A Tale Written in Antient Manner Recommended to Modern Devotees
An Address to the Public in Behalf of the Association Among Protestant Schoolmasters in the North of England for the Support of Their Aged Brethren Widows and Orphans to Which Is Subjoined an Abstract of the Rules
On Horseback
Faith a Poem
Gods Dwelling with Men Upon Earth Very Wonderful a Consecration Sermon Preachd at the Opening of the New Meeting-Place in Oxford September 24th 1721 by W Roby
Remarkable Cures Performd by Tar-Water Collected Out of the Gentlemans Magazine c
Remarkable News from the Stars Or an Ephemeris for the Year 1743 by William Andrews
Catalogue of a Second Thousand of New Nebul and Clusters of Stars With a Few Introductory Remarks on the Construction of the Heavens by William Herschel from the Philosophical Transactions
Stepmoms on a Mission A Compassionate Exploration to Find Answers Options and Hope
The Miraculous Cure Or the Citizen Out-Witted a Farce Compiled by Brownlow Forde
Fly an Almanack for the Year of Our Lord God 1745 Calculated for the Meridian of Kings-Lynn
Observations on the Case of Dr Dodd
Remarks on Dr Wests Sermon Before the Honourable House of Commons on the 30th of January 1709-10 in a Letter to the Doctor
Facts and Observations Relative to the Nature and Origin of the Pestilential Fever Which Prevailed in the City of Philadelphia in 1793 1797 and 1798 by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
The Revels of the Gods Or a Ramble Thro the Heavens by the Author of the Trip to Jamaica
A Plot Discoverd Or the Protestant Succession in Danger To Which Is Added a New Character of a Popish Successor
A Pill for the Doctor Or the Triple Wedding a Musical Entertainment as Performing at the Royalty-Theatre
Reflections on a Pamphlet Entitled a Short History of Opposition With Some Observations on the Views of the Minority And Reflections on the Present State of Affairs by a Country Gentleman
The Persian Stripd of His Disguise Or Remarks on a Late Libel Intitled Letters from a Persian in England to His Friend at Ispahan
Pentecost a Poetical Fragment by Henry Parish
The Air Balloon Or a Treatise on the Aerostatic Globe Lately Invented by the Celebrated Mons Montgolfier of Paris the Fourth Edition with Considerable Additions
The Prophecy of Famine A Scots Pastoral Part the Second Inscribed to C Churchill
OConnors Letters to Earl Camden as Published in the Courier of Monday January 29
Account of Some Observations Tending to Investigate the Construction of the Heavens by William Herschel Esq FRS Read at the Royal Society June 17 1784
The Celebrated Lecture on Heads Which Has Been Exhibited Upwards of One Hundred Successive Nights to Crouded Audiences and Met with the Most Universal Applause
The Religious Improvement of Publick Events A Sermon Preachd at Berry-Street June 18 1727 on Occasion of the Death of Our Late Gracious Sovereign George I and the Peaceful Succession of His Present Majesty George II by I Watts
Remarks on a Late Political Farce Intitled Some Observations on the Present Plan of Peace Wherein Is Detected the Authors True Design in Publishing Those Observations
A Letter from a Member of Parliament to His Grace the Duke of ***** Upon the Present Situation of Affairs
A Specimen of Writing in the Modern Ornamental Hands of Great Britain Designed and Written by J Seally
A Short State of the Reasons for a Late Resignation to Which Are Added Occasional Observations and a Letter to the Right Reverend the Bishop of Norwich by John Jebb MA the Third Edition
The Actor Addressed to Bonnell Thornton Esq by R Lloyd AM the Fourth Edition
An Appeal to the Justice and Interests of the People of Great Britain in the Present Disputes with America by an Old Member of Parliament the Third Edition Corrected
The Budget Inscribed to the Man Who Thinks Himself Minister the Fifth Edition
A Catalogue of the Entire Library of an Italian Gentleman Which Will Be Sold by Auction by Samuel Baker on Monday February the 21st and Tuesday the 22d
The Reverend John Gaspar Lavater to the Directory of the French Republic = Jean Caspar Lavater Au Directoire de la R publique Fran aise = Johann Casper Lavater an Das Directorium Der Franz sischen Republik
A Discourse Before the Massachusetts Charitable Fire Society at Their Annual Meeting in Boston May 27 1796 by John Lathrop DD AAS
A Letter from a Romish Priest in Canada to One Who Was Taken Captive in Her Infancy and Instructed in the Romish Faith But Some Time Ago Returned to This Her Native Country with an Answer Thereto by a Person to Whom It Was Communicated
A Description of the Patent Instrument Called a Sward-Cutter Invented by the Honourable Robert Sandilands Some Time Ago Now Much Improved
An Oration Delivered at the Request of the Inhabitants of Keene June 30 1788 To Celebrate the Ratification of the Federal Constitution by the State of New-Hampshire by Aaron Hall MA Member of the Late State Convention
The Juvenaliad a Satire
An Epistle to William Hogarth by C Churchill the Second Edition
A Discourse Delivered at Boston Before the Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts June 10th 1800 by Thomas Thacher AM Minister of a Congregational Society in Dedham [three Lines in Latin from Alsopi]
The Colliers Wedding A Poem by Edward Chicken the Fifth Edition
An Essay Towards a More Advantageous Method of Educating Youths Designd for Business by Robert Hartstonge
An Account of the New Method of Extinguishing Fires by Explosion and Suffocation Introduced by the Late Mr Ambrose Godfrey the Second Edition
The Treatise of the Figures at the End of the Rules of Construction in the Latin Grammar Construed with Every Example Applyd and Fitted to His Rule for the Help of the Weaker Sort in the Grammar Schools by John Stockwood
The Deliverances and Murmurings of the Israelites and These Nations Compard a Sermon Preachd Before the Right Honourable House of Peers at Westminster-Abbey on Thursday June 7 1716 by Edmund Lord Bishop of Lincoln
A Letter from a Distinguished English Commoner to a Peer of Ireland on the Repeal of a Part of the Penal Laws Against the Irish Catholics
A Book of Arithmetic For the Use of Schools
The Two Wealthy Farmers with the Sad Adventures of Miss Bragwell Part V a Cheaper Edition for Hawkers
Traduction En Prose Et En Vers dUne Ancienne Hymne Sur Les F tes de V nus Intitul e Pervigilium Veneris
Considerations Offered to the Public and to the Subscribers for Relief Against Subscriptions c Containing Satisfactory Reasons and Matter Sufficient to Remove All Objections Against Subscribing to the Articles by Samuel Roe
Remarks on the Letter Addressed to Two Great Men in a Letter to the Author of That Piece
A Complaint on the Part of the Hon Thomas Hervey Concerning an Undue Proceeding Against Him at Court Set Forth in Two Letters to Her Royal Highness the Princess of Brunswick
Serious Advice to Persons Who Have Been Sick to Be Put in Their Hands as Soon as They Are Recovered by Edmund Gibson the Forty-Fourth Edition
Adultery Trial in the Court of Kings Bench Before Lord Kenyon and a Special Jury Between Edward Dodwell Esq Plaintiff and the Rev Henry Bate Dudley Defendant for Crim Con Second Edition
Letters to a Peer Concerning the Honour of Earl-Marshal Letter I Shewing That No Earl-Marshal Can Be Made During the Minority of an Hereditary Earl-Marshal
Prosodia Construed and the Meaning of the Most Difficult Words Therein Contained Plainly Illustrated Being an Addition to the Construction of Lilys Rules and of Like Necessary Use by Barnab Hampton
Substance of the Bishop of Rochesters Speech in the House of Peers Friday May the 23d 1800 in the Debate Upon the Third Reading of the Bill for the Punishment and More Effectual Prevention of the Crime of Adultery
Reasons for Dissolving the Treaty of Union Betwixt Scotland and England In a Letter to a Scots Member of Parliament from One of His Electors
House of Lords the Right Honourable Alexander Lord mDonald of the Kingdom of Ireland - Appellant Lieutenant Colonel Norman Macleod of Macleod - - - - - Respondent the Respondents Case
Masonry A Poem to Which Are Added Several Songs
Scarcity of Specie No Ground for Alarm or British Opulence Unimpaired by Simeon Pope
The Excellency of the Knowledge of Christ Crucified A Sermon Preached October 22d 1761
Catharine and Petruchio a Comedy in Three Acts as It Is Performd at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane Alterd from Shakespears Taming of the Shrew with Alterations and Additions by David Garrick Esq
Poems on Several Subjects Written by Stephen Duck Lately a Poor Thresher at the Wages of Four Shillings and Six-Pence Per Week the Ninth Edition with Some Account of the Life of the Author to Which Is Added the Campden Wonder
Love A-La-Mode A Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal Smock-Alley Dublin
Facts Addressed to the Serious Attention of the People of Great Britain Respecting the Expence of the War and the State of the National Debt by William Morgan FRS
Gotham Book I
Genuine Letters from a Volunteer in the British Service at Quebec
Information for Alexander Fraser Second Son and Archibald Fraser Third Son to Simon Late Lord Fraser of Lovat Deceasd Claimants Against His Majestys Advocate Respondent
Lucina Sine Concubitu a Letter Humbly Addressd to the Royal Society In Which Is Proved by Most Incontestible Evidence That a Woman May Conceive and Be Brought to Bed Without Any Commerce with Man
Institutes of Therapeutics and Materia Medica by William Saunders
Memoires de la Societe Des Antiquaires de Picardie 1853 Vol 2
Vorlesungen UEber Die Integralrechnung Vorzuglich Nach Dem Methoden
Traite Theorique Et Pratique Des Moteur A Vapeur Vol 2 Comprenant Les Notions Preliminaires de Physique Et de Mecanique Appliquees A lEtude de la Vapeur dEau Un Apercu Historique de lInvention Des Machines A Vapeur Les Documents Relatifs
Portugal Antigo E Moderno Vol 6 Diccionario Geographico Estatistico Chorographico Heraldico Archeologico Historico Biographico E Etymologico de Todas as Cidades Villas E Freguezias de Portugal
Annali Di Statistica 1881 Vol 20
Taschenbuch Fur Die Vaterlandische Geschichte 1837 Vol 26
Rivista Di Artiglieria E Genio 1903 Vol 4 XX Annata
Codex Diplomaticus Anhaltinus Vol 3 Auf Befehl Seiner Hoheit Des Herzogs Leopold Friedrich Von Anhalt 1301-1350
Zentralblatt Fur Innere Medizin 1903 Vol 24
Journal Fur Praktische Chemie 1861 Vol 84
Gedanke 1864 Vol 5 Der Philosophische Zeitschrift Organ Der Philosophischen Gesellschaft Zu Berlin
Revista del Rio de la Plata 1874 Vol 9 Periodico Mensual de Historia y Literatura de America
Twenty-Second Annual Report of the Registrar-General Of Births Deaths and Marriages in England
Tagebuch Des Kiniglich Preuiischen Armeekorps Unter Befehl Des General-Lieutenants Von York Im Feldzuge Von 1812 Vol 1
Bibliotheca Critica Vol 2 Pars I
Archiv Fur Mikroskopische Anatomie 1869 Vol 5
Historia Da Guerra Do Brasil Contra as Republicas Do Uruguay E Paraguay Vol 4 Contendo Consideracoes Sobre O Exercito Do Brasil E Suas Campanhas No Sul Ate 1852 Campanha Do Estado Oriental Em 1865 Marcha Do Exercito Pelas Provincias Argentinas CA
Zeitschrift Fir Die Geschichte Und Altertumskunde Ermlands Vol 2 4-6 Heft Jahrgang 1861-1863
Geschichte Des Benediktiner-Stiftes Raygern Im Markgrafthum Mahren Vol 1 Mit Steter Rucksicht Auf Die Landesgeschichte Nach Urkunden Und Handschriften Von Der Grundung Des Stiftes Bis Zum Ende Der Hussitensturme 1048-1449
Liturgia Mozarabica Secundum Regulam Beati Isidori in Duos Tomos Divisa Vol 1 Quorum Prior Continent Missale Mixtum Praefatione Notis Et Appendicibus AB Alexandro Lesleo S J Sacerdote Ornatum Posterior Breviarium Gothicum Opera Fr Ant Lorenz
Coleccion de Historiadores de Chile y Documentos Relativos a la Historia Nacional Vol 20 Actas del Cabildo de Santiago Tomo V
Meffret Verbi Dei Praeconis Quondam Celeberrimi Sermones de Praeceipuis Sanctorum Festivitatibus Vulgo Hortulus Reginae Appellati
Abhandlungen Der Mathematisch-Physischen Classe Der Koeniglich Sachsischen Gesellschaft Der Wissenschaften Zu Leipzig Vol 5
Pamela Or Virtue Rewarded an Opera Alterd from the Comedy Calld Pamela by Mr Edge Author Of the Woman of Taste And the Female Rake Or Modern Fine Lady
Berliner Revue Vol 6 Social-Politische Wochenschrift Drittes Quartal 1856
Pious Designs to Be Pursued Though Not Always Successful a Sermon Preached at St Thomass January 1 1759 for the Benefit of the Charity-School in Gravel-Lane Southwark by Samuel Billingsley
Calista Or the Injured Beauty A Poem Founded on Fact Written by a Clergyman
The Trinitarin Combat Or Calvins Instruction to the Young Academicks In a Discourse Lately Deliverd at Salters-Hall by Their Old Friend Tho Standfast
Reasons for Extending the Militia Acts to the Disarmed Counties of Scotland
Considerations on the American War Under the Following Heads American Independency Pursuit of the War War of Posts Plan of Operation French Policy by Joseph Williams Esq
The Managers Managed Or the Characters of the Four Kings of Brentford
Observations on the Emigration of Dr Joseph Priestley and on the Several Addresses Delivered to Him on His Arrival at New York
Good Humour Or a Way with the Colonies Wherein Is Occasionally Enquired Into Mr P-ts Claim of Popularity And the Principles of Virtuous Liberty as Taught in the School of Mr Wilkes
Phino-Godol a Poem in Hudibrastick Verse in Two Cantos
Narrative of Facts Relative to American Affairs
Poems by John Gay Viz the Shepherds Week Song Black-Eyd Susan a New Song of New Similies Fables
The Devil of a Duke Or Trapolins Vagaries a (Farcical Ballad) Opera as Acted at the Theatres of London and Edinburgh
de Equo Albo de Quo in Apocalypsi Cap XIX Et Dein de Verbo Ejus Sensu Spirituali Seu Interno Ex Arcanis Coelestibus
Calpe or Gibraltar a Poem by the Author of the Art of Dress
Coombe Ellen A Poem Written in Radnorshire September 1798 by the Revd W L Bowles AM
The Honest Electors Or the Courtiers Sent Back with Their Bribes a New Ballad Opera of Three Acts Dedicated to the Worthy Liverymen of the City of London
A General View of the African Slave-Trade Demonstrating Its Injustice and Impolicy With Hints Towards a Bill for Its Abolition
A Town Eclogue by the Honourable Mr - the Second Edition
Gisbal an Hyperborean Tale Translated from the Fragments of Ossian the Son of Fingal
Considerations Upon Frauds on the Revenue Addressed to the Serious Good Sense of the People of Great Britain Second Edition
Considerations on the Prussian Treaty To Which Is Added an Authentic Copy of the Treaty of Defensive Alliance Between His Majesty the King of Great Britain and His Majesty the King of Prussia Signed at Berlin the 13th of August 1788
An Essay on the Ancient and Modern Use of Physical Necklaces for Childrens Teeth with a Treatise on the Tooth-Ach And Hollow Rotten Teeth
A Caution Against Religious Delusion a Sermon on the New Birth Occasioned by the Pretensions of the Methodists by Henry Stebbing the Second Edition
Receipts for Preparing and Compounding the Principal Medicines Made Use of by the Late Mr Ward Together with an Introduction c by John Page
Variety a Tale for Married People
I Have Perused a Pamphlet Entitled Some Reasons Why the Practice of Inoculation Ought to Be Introduced Into the Town of Bury at Present and Have Been Surprized to Find This Elaborate Piece So Little in Substance
Myographi Comparat Specimen Or a Comparative Description of All the Muscles in a Man and in a Quadruped by James Douglas MD
The Martyrdom of King Charles Or His Conformity with Christ in His Sufferings In a Sermon on 1 Cor 28 Preachd at Breda June 3 13 1649 by the Bishop of Downe
Johannis Freind Ad Celeberrimum Virum Ricardum Mead MD de Quibusdam Variolarum Generibus Epistola
Two Sermons Preached at the Chapel Royal St Jamess by Beilby Porteus the Second Edition
National Unanimity Recommended and Enforced In a Sermon Preached June 22 1780 at St Dionys Back-Church Before the Company of Armourers by Thomas Weales
Two (United) Are Better Than One Alone a Thanksgiving Sermon Upon the Union of the Two Kingdoms of England and Scotland Preachd at Hackney May 1 1707 by J Bates Ma
Free-Thinking in Matters of Religion Stated and Recommended by a Church of England Divine
Catholick Christianity Or an Essay Toward Lessening the Number of Controversies Among Christians by Edward Lord Arch-Bishop of Tuam
Hypatia Or the History of a Most Beautiful Most Vertuous Most Learned and Every Way Accomplishd Lady Who Was Torn to Pieces by the Clergy of Alexandria
Supremacy Defended and His Present Majestys Title Provd and Maintaind in a Sermon Preachd at Beccles in the County of Suffolk January the 20th 1714 by Thomas Page
Family-Religion Recommended as the Best Preservative Against the Growth of Infidelity and Popery In a Sermon Preachd to a Parochial Congregation March 23 1734-5
Mr Maitlands Account of Inoculating the Small Pox
On the Principle of Vitality in Man a Sermon Preached in the Parish Church of St Andrew in Holborn March 22 1789 for the Benefit of the Humane Society by Samuel Lord Bishop of St Davids
Tabular Observations Recommended as the Plainest and Surest Way of Practising and Improving Physick in a Letter to a Friend by Francis Clifton
Plain Evidences of the Truth of Christianity in the Form of a Catechism by Richard Leggett Humbly Recommended to Parents Masters and Teachers
In Commemoration of the Happy Accession of the Illustrious House of Hanover to the Throne of Great-Britain a Sermon Preached at Little St Helens August 2 M DCC XLII by George Benson
Religion the Only Security to Society a Sermon Preached in the Cathedral Church of St Davids on the 12th of March 1787
Reflexions Concerning the Virtues of Tar Water Wherein Is Proved by Experience That Its Present Preparation Is Not Founded Upon Philosophical Principles by H Jackson Chemist
Christ the Ransom Found a Sermon Occasioned by the Death of Mr John Davenport Who Departed This Life October 4th Aged Forty-Eight Preached October 13 1754 by John Gill DD
The Hypocrites A Satyr
Many Made Righteous by the Obedience of One Two Sermons on Romans V 19 Preached at Biddiford Devon in the Year 1743 by the Late Rev James Hervey with a Preface by Augustus Toplady
Ode to the Genius of the Lakes in the North of England
A Dissertation on the State of Physicians Among the Old Romans in Which It Is Proved to Have Been Servile and Ignoble Against the Assertions of Dr James Spon and Dr Richard Mead
A Letter to the Whigs Expostulating with Them Upon Their Present Conduct Wherein the Grounds and Reasons of the Present Allarm about the Pretender Are Enquird Into Examind and Impartially Stated
Jack and His Whistle with Annotations to Which Is Added a Paper Dropt from Tristram Shandys Pocket-Book
Letters of Religion Between Theophilus and Eugenio Part II the Second Edition
A Defence of the Bishop of Londons Connection of the Old Testament Prophecies Concerning Christ In Answer to Dr Middletons Examination of His Lordships Use and Intent of Prophecy in a Letter to His Lordship by a Protestant Divine
Liberty Regaind a Poem in Imitation of Miltons Paradise Lost
Gal II Ver XX I Am Crucified with Christ Nevertheless I Live Yet Not I But Christ Liveth in Me And the Life Which I Now Live in the Flesh I Live by the Faith of the Son of God [the Second Edition Corrected and Enlarged]
Hannibal at the Gates Or the Progress of Jacobitism with the Present Danger of the Pretender And Remarks on a Pamphlet Publishd Intituld Hannibal Not at Our Gates c
Great Britains Diary Or the Union-Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1722
A Letter to the Reverend Dr Waterland Concerning the Nature and Value of Sincerity With Some Remarks on His Treatment of It in a Late Treatise Entitled the Importance of the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity Asserted
Letters of Religion Between Theophilus and Eugenio Part III the Second Edition
Modern Antiques Or the Merry Mourners in Two Acts Performed at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden in 1789 by John OKeeffe Esq
A Genuine Narrative of the Lives Characters and Trials of the Four Following Malefactors Viz James Cotes Richard William Vaughan William Stevens and William Boodger
A Dissertation on Nothing Or Remarks on a Letter to William Pitt Esq Wherein Is Containd Nothing
The Alarm Or an Address to the Nobility Gentry and Clergy of the Church of Ireland as by Law Established
An Appeal to the Nation Or the Case of the Present Prime Minister of Great-Britain Truly Stated in a View of the Fortunes and Fate of All Those Ministers Who Have Borne the Office of Lord High Treasurer from Henry IV to This Time
Great-Britains Memorial Against the Pretender and Popery the Eighth Edition
A Key for Kings Integrity the Best Security A Patriot King the Best Prince to Make a Nation Prosperous and Its Government Firm and Lasting
London Out of Town Or the Family Geniuss a Farce - With Songs by A MacLaren
Genius and Valour A Scotch Pastoral
The Hotel Or the Servant with Two Masters as It Was Performed at the Theatre-Royal Smock-Alley with Distinguished Applause
A Sermon Preachd Before the Right Honourable the House of Lords in the Abbey-Church at Westminster Upon Saturday June 11 1737 by Robert Lord Bishop of Norwich
The Compleat Writing Master Containing Several Useful and Ornamental Examples of Penmanship by Abraham Nicholas George Bickham Sculp
The Tendencies of the Foundling Hospital in Its Present Extent Considered in Several Views Just as They Occur En Passant in a Lax Epistolary Address in Several Letters to a Senator Part 1
The Scripture Account of the Cause and Intention of Earthquakes in a Sermon Preached at the Old-Jury March 11 1749-50 on Occasion of the Two Shocks of an Earthquake the First on February 8 the Other on March 8 by Samuel Chandler
Japan 2019 Travel calendar
A Sermon Preachd at the Consecration of the Chapel of Stockton in the Diocese and County-Palatine of Durham August 21 1712 by John Smith DD
The Duty of Living Peaceably as Men Neighbours Subjects and Christians Considerd a Sermon Preachd in the Cathedral Church of Winchester March 7th 1716 17 by Henry Lambe
The Evidence of Prophecy Superior to the Evidence of Miracles Only in a Restrained and Limited Sense a Sermon Preached Before the University of Oxford on February 2 1761 by Thomas Bray
An Essay on Reason the Second Edition
A Supplement to the Sermon Preached at Lincolns-Inn on January 30 1732 by a Layman the Second Edition
A Key Being Observations and Explanatory Notes Upon the Travels of Lemuel Gulliver by Signor Corolini a Noble Venetian Now Residing in London in a Letter to D---N S------T Translated from the Italian Original
A Letter from a Physician in the Highlands to His Friend in London on the Subject of a Consumptive Habit to Which Is Prefixd the Editors Case Which Gave Rise to the Publication of This Letter
A Letter Containing an Account of Some Antiquities Between Windsor and Oxford With a List of the Several Pictures in the School-Gallery Adjoyning to the Bodlejan Library Written An Dom MDCCVIII
A Funeral Sermon Occasioned by the Death of Mr John Hind Who Deceased Nov 6 1704 by Christopher Taylor
The Linsey-Woolsey Garment Being the Substance of a Discourse Delivered at Drumargen in the County of Antrim in Ireland in the Year 1754 by John Cennick the Second Edition
The Woman of Samaria Being the Substance of a Discourse Delivered at Scoles in Yorkshire in the Year 1752 by John Cennick the Second Edition
An Essay on the South-Sea Trade with an Enquiry Into the Grounds and Reasons of the Present Dislike and Complaint Against the Settlement of a South-Sea Company by the Author of the Review
A Letter to the Clergy of the Church of Scotland by Mark Blake Esq
The Boldness and Freedom of Apostolical Eloquence Recommended to the Imitation of Ministers a Sermon Occasioned by the Death of the Reverend and Learned James Bate by Colin Milne
The Pernicious Effects of the Art of Printing Upon Society Exposed a Short Essay Addressed to the Friends of Social Order
A New Spelling-Book in Which the Rules of Spelling and Pronouncing the English Language Are Exemplified and Explained by William Adie
The Substance of a Sermon Preached at Baltimore in the State of Maryland Before the General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church on the 27th of December 1784 at the Ordination of the Rev Francis Asbury by Thomas Coke
A Sapphick Epistle from Jack Cavendish to the Honourable and Most Beautiful Mrs D****
Miss Lucy in Town a Sequel to the Virgin Unmasqued a Farce With Songs as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants the Third Edition
The Rent Vail of the Temple Or Access to the Holy of Holies by the Death of Christ a Sermon Preached on Matthew XXVII51 at Carnock the 12th Day of July 1719 by Mr Ralph Erskine
Harry Coverdales Courtship and All That Came of It
Genuine and Impartial Memoirs of Francis Fonton Late of the Bank of England Containing I the History of His Duplicity Frauds and Forgeries IV a Brief Description of His Execution by a Student of the Law in the Inner Temple
Distress for the Loss of Pious Friends Considered and Improved in a Sermon on Occasion of the Much-Lamented Death of Anthony Walburge Esq Preached July 11 1749 by Obh Hughes DD
The Sleeping Bard
Po mes Sur La Religion Naturelle Et Sur La Destruction de Lisbonne Par M de Voltaire
Symbolik Der Kirperteile Und Wunden Die
To the Members of the College of Justice
Lettre dUn Colon de St Domingue i M Malouet
Songs Duets and Choruses in the Pantomimical Drama of Obi Or Three-Fingered Jack Invented by Mr Fawcett to Which Are Prefixed Illustrative Extracts and a Prospectus of the Action
Missing Pages
Snowball Consulting
Two Letters from the Right Honourable Mr Burke on the French Revolution One to the Translator of His Reflections on the Revolution in France The Other to Captain W- on the Same Subject
Mein Mut Ist Ein Gelber Schmetterling
A Satire by Daniel Defoe
From the Shepherds Staff -The Remix Words of Impact Empowerment and Witness for a Challenging World
Dissertatio Medica Inauguralis de Epilepsia Quam Pro Gradu Doctoris Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Edvardus Croasdaile
The Wild Operatives Introduction
Some Account of the Conversion and Experiences of the Late Rev Jonathan Edwards of New-England President of New-Jersey College c
The Ultimate Reference Guide to Chrono Trigger
Thoughts on the Present Manner of Quartering the Troops on the Coast to Assist the Revenue Officers And Its Defects by R Kelsall to Which Is Added a Remark on the Defective System of Discipline of the Cavalry
Bions Epitaph of Adonis Translated and Other Compositions by Edward Jackson Lister
Des Diff rentes Formes dOst o-Arthrites Tuberculeuses de Leur Traitement Par La M thode Scl rog ne
Le Chevalier de Mailly Tome 3
Archambaud Et Roger Ou Le Si ge de Metz
Caract res Et R cits Du Temps La Garde Mobile La Com dienne Corn lia Tulipani
Lauzun Tome 1
Ham Ao t 1829-Janvier 1834 2e dition
Veill es Sur Terre Et Sur Mer
Trait Th orique Et Pratique de la Construction Des Ponts M talliques
Les Cent-Et-Une Nouvelles Nouvelles Des Cent-Et-Un Orn es de Cent-Et-Une Vignettes Tome 1
Andr Le Savoyard
Trait Pratique de Chimie Et de G ologie Agricoles Traduction Libre de la Onzi me dition
Les Trois Marie Tome 1
Code de Proc dure P nale Du Royaume dItalie Partie 2
Du Droit de Cit Romaine tudes d pigraphie Juridique S rie 1
Des Frais de Justice En Mati re Criminelle Correctionnelle Et de Simple Police
Manuel Pratique Du Manipulateur Radiologiste
Madame de la Guette Tome 1
Le Capitaine Des Trois Couronnes Tome 2
The Scow Free Flight
Les Treize Malchances Du Capitaine Tancreuil
Dialogues Dramatiques Et Album
Reflections on the Present State of the Resources of the Country
Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session the Petition of James Dickson and James Mitchell
Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session the Petition of Agnes Myles and Agnes Annan
The Devil Turnd Limner Or a Celebrated Villain Drawn to the Life with a Satyr Against Loyalty Supposd to Be Spoken by Bradshaws Ghost to the Observator and Legion
Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session the Petition and Complaint of Daniel Campbell William Graham and Alexander Cunnynghame
Memorial for Mr Michael Menzies Advocate and Others Against the Heir and Creditors of the Late John Gillespie and Mr John Smith
Disquisitions on the Influence of Soil and Climate in Improving the Nourishing Quality of Vegetables by William MacKie
Considerations Upon Corrupt Elections of Members to Serve in Parliament
Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session the Petition of Alexander Earl of Galloway James Trail Thomas MacKenzie and Others
Answers for Alexander Blackwood Merchant in Edinburgh to the Petition of John Cathcart Merchant in London
Considerations Upon the Political Situations of France Great-Britain and Spain at the Present Crisis Translated from the French of M Dupont
Answers for William Vint Thomas Whitson Thomas Bird and Others Brewers in Dalkeith Defenders To the Petition of His Grace the Duke of Buccleugh and the Tacksmen of His Graces Mills at Dalkeith Pursuers
Information for the Representatives of the Deceast John Dickie Defenders Against Henry Ann and David Lizars Pursuers
Answers for Elizabeth Mudie Relict of Doctor Smith to the Petition of James Dickson and James Mitchell
Remarks on a Pamphlet Intitled Considerations on the Late Bill for Paying the National Debt c
Answers for William Mure of Caldwall Esq To the Petition and Complaint of Daniel Campbell William Grahame and Alexander Cunnynghame
Bleinheim a Poem Inscribd to the Right Honourable Robert Harley Esq the Third Edition
Remarks Upon a Letter to the Author of the Inquiry Into the Revenue Credit and Commerce of France by C- P- Esq FRS
Replies for Daniel Campbell of Shawfield William Graham and Alexander Cunnynghame to the Answers of William Muir to Their Petition and Complaint
As You Like It a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatres-Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden by William Shakespeare
The Crisis Or a Discourse Representing from the Most Authentick Records the Just Causes of the Late Happy Revolution with Some Seasonable Remarks on the Danger of a Popish Successor by Richard Steele Esq
French People Their Case and Cure
Or the Story of the City and Country Mouse Newly Transposd in a Discourse Betwixt Bays Johnson and Smith
A Memorial Drawn by King Williams Special Direction Intended to Be Given in at the Treaty of Reswick Justifying the Revolution in Answer to Two Memorials That Were Offerd There in King Jamess Name
Remarks on a Pamphlet Called Considerations on the Bill for the Better Government of the Navy by a Sea-Officer
God the Author of Victory a Sermon Preachd in the Royal-Chappel at White-Hall on Thursday the 19th of August 1708 by Michael Stanhope the Second Edition
Damon and Phillida Altered from Cibber Into a Comic Opera with the Addition of New Songs and Chorusses as It Is Performed at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane
The Desolation of America A Poem
As It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Lincolns-Inn-Fields Written by Mr Theobald and Set to Musick by Mr Galliard the Fourth Edition
Dissertatio Medica Inauguralis de Phthisi Quam Pro Gradu Doctoratus Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Gulielmus Pitts Dimsdale
Tentamen Medicum Inaugurale de Chlorosi Quod Pro Gradu Doctoratus Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Jacobus Tapscott
Serious Advice and Warning to Servants More Especially Those of the Nobility and Gentry by Thomas Broughton the Fourth Edition with Additions
Syntaxis Erasmiana Constrictior in Usum Scholarum
The Progress of Satire An Essay in Verse with Notes Containing Remarks on the Pursuits of Literature
Quadriennium Jacobi SC Secundi Or a Poetical Amusement on the Reign of James the Second by a Country Curate
Honour the King a Sermon Preachd on King Georges Happy Accession to the Throne by Tho Pocock the Second Edition
A Poetical Essay the Second Edition
Dissertatio Medica Inauguralis de Medicamentis Adstringentibus Quam Pro Gradu Doctoratus Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Samuel Garland
Dissertatio Medica Inauguralis de Diarrhoea Quam Pro Gradu Doctoratus Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Edmundus Butler
XII Teste E Figure Dissegrate Et Intagliate Allaqua Forte Da AZ
Songs Duetts Trios c in the Islanders a Comic Opera in Three Acts as It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden a New Edition
Faction Displayd a Poem from a Correct Copy
Pregeth a Barablwyd Yn Eglwys Grisd Yn Llundain AR Ddyddgwyl Ddewi Yn y Flwyddyn 1721 Gan Foses Wiliams
Eugenio or the Man of Sorrow a Legendary Tale by a Young Gentleman of Seventeen
Shrove Tuesday a Satiric Rhapsody First Printed in MDCCXC
A Musical Drama as Performed at the Theatres Royal Drury-Lane and Hay-Market by J C Cross a New Edition
Dissertatio Physiologica Inauguralis de Fluxu Menstruali Foeminarum Et de Menorrhagia Quaedam Complectens Quam Pro Gradu Doctoratus Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Joannes Dodsworth
The Schism ACT Explaind Wherein Some Methods Are Laid Down How the Dissenters May Teach Their Schools and Accademies as Usual Without Incurring the Penalties of the Said ACT
Extracts from the Writings of Divers Eminent Authors of Different Religious Denominations And at Various Periods of Time Representing the Evils and Pernicious Effects of Stage Plays and Other Vain Amusements
Airs Duets Trios c in the Lord of the Manor a Comic Opera as It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane the Music Entirely New
An Enquiry Into the Time of the Coming of the Messiah and the Restoration of the Jews In a Letter from Robert Lord Bishop of Clogher to an Eminent Jew
Remarks on a Pamphlet Intitled Considerations on the Late Bill for Paying the National Debt c Number II
The Register-Office A Farce of Two Acts Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by Joseph Reed a New Edition
Village Politics Addressed to All the Mechanics Journeymen and Day Labourers in Great Britain by Will Chip a Country Carpenter Second Edition
No Song No Supper An Opera in Two Acts As Performed at the Theatre-Royal Drury-Lane
Daphnis and Amaryllis a Pastoral to Which Is Prefixed the Hymn of Adam and Eve Taken from the Paradise Lost
The Voice of the Addressers Or a Short Comment Upon the Chief Things Maintaind or Condemnd in Our Late Modest Addresses
Sir John Cockle at Court Being the Sequel of the King and the Miller of Mansfield a Dramatick Tale by R Dodsley
Narrative of the Loss of the Winterton East Indiaman Which Was Wrecked Off the Island of Madagascar August 20th 1792 Written by the Third Mate
The Honest Yorkshire-Man a Ballad Farce Refusd to Be Acted at Drury-Lane Playhouse But Now Performd at the New Theatre in Goodmans-Fields with Great Applause Written by Mr Carey
London Or the Progress of Commerce a Poem by Mr Glover the Second Edition
The Voice of the Addressors Or a Short Comment Upon the Chief Things Maintaind or Condemnd in Our Late Modest Addresses
Letter Addressed to the Addressers on the Late Proclamation by Thomas Paine
The Farmer A Comic Opera in Two Acts as It Is Performed at the Theatres Royal in London and Dublin by John OKeefe Esq
Description dUn Microscope Double dUne Nouvelle Construction Auquel on a Ajouti Plusieurs Inventions Tris Utiles Tel Quon Le Trouve Chez lInventeur Jean Cuff Rui de Fleet-Street i Londres
Memoirs of the Life of Scriblerus by D S-T
Facts of Importance Relative to the Present State of Great Britain
[the Conquest Of] Corsica by the French a Tragedy by a Lady
Songs Duets Trios c in Fontainbleau Or Our Way in France A A [sic] Comic Opera as Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden Written by Mr OKeeffe Fifth Edition
La-Peyrouse a Drama in Two Acts by Augustus Von Kotzebue Translated from the German by Anne Plumptre
Antient and Modern Italy Compared Being the First Part of Liberty a Poem by Mr Thomson
Two Pair of Portraits Presented to All the Unbiassed Electors of Great-Britain And Especially to the Electors of Westminster by John Horne Tooke an Elector of Westminster
The Obligations of an English Army to Their King and Constitution in Church and State In a Sermon Preachd to Several Commanders and Others of His Majestys Forces at St Jamess Church Westminster Octob 30 1716 by Jonathan Smedley
The Unpardonable Sin Against the Holy Ghost Or the Sin Unto Death Briefly Discoursed Of by Robert Russel
Cadenus and Vanessa a Poem to Which Is Added a True and Faithful Inventory of the Goods Belonging to Dr Sw-T by Dr Sw-T the Seventh Edition
Christian Simplicity a Sermon Preachd Before the Queen at St Jamess Chappel on Sunday December 31 1704 by Nicholas Clagett
Patie and Peggy Or the Fair Foundling a Scotch Ballad Opera as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants with the Musick Prefixd to Each Song
The Faithful Pastors Duty and Reward A Sermon Preached in Lambeth Chapel on Sunday Jan 23 1731 at the Consecration of Thomas Lord Bishop of St Asaph and Nicholas Lord Bishop of St Davids by Samuel Knight
A Catechism Or an Instruction in the Christian Religion by Way of Question and Answer in Three Parts
Zaccheus a Sermon Preached in the Parish Church of St James in the City of Bristol Before the Society of Ancient Britons at Their Anniversary Meeting the First of March 1769 by the Rev Edward Davies
Whigg Loyalty or an Humble Address to Her Majesty by Mr John Dunton
Opposition No Proof of Patriotism With Some Observations and Advice Concerning Party-Writings
Mr Sewells First Letter to the Bishop of Salisbury Or the Clergy and the Present Ministry Defended Being a Full Answer to His Lordships New Preface to His Pastoral Care the Fourth Edition
Considerations on the Expediency of Admitting Representatives from the American Colonies Into the British House of Commons
A Genuine State of a Case in Surgery Being a Full Refutation of Certain Particular Facts Related by Mr Bromfeild by George Aylett
Gods Blessing on the Use of Mineral Waters a Sermon Preachd at the Chapel of Tunbridge-Wells Septemb 6 1702 by William Nichols
The Funeral Elogy and Character of Her Royal Highness the Late Princess Sophia With the Explication of Her Consecration-Medal Written Originally in Latine Translated Into English and Further Illustrated by Mr Toland
A Charity-Sermon for the Relief of Poor Widows and Children of Clergymen Within the Diocese of Durham Preached Before the Sons of the Clergy at Their Anniversary Meeting in St Nicholas Church in Newcastle Upon Tyne Sept 7 1721
Horace Of the Art of Poetry A Poem by the Earl of Roscommon
Regeneration Or a Discourse on Being Born Again by John Brekell
Plain-Dealing Or Separation Without Schism and Schism Without Separation Exemplifyd in the Case of Protestant-Dissenters and Church-Men by Charles Owen the Fifth Edition
Free Thoughts on the Most Probable Means of Reviving the Dissenting Interest Occasiond by the Late Enquiry Into the Causes of Its Decay Addressd to the Author of That Enquiry by a Minister in the Country
Popery a Perfect Contrast to the Religion of Christ Proved in a Sermon Preached at Clapham November 5 1758 by H Venn
Law Is a Bottomless-Pit Exemplifyd in the Case of the Lord Strutt John Bull Nicholas Frog and Lewis Baboon Who Spent All They Had in a Law-Suit Printed from a Manuscript Found in the Cabinet of the Famous Sir Humphrey Polesworth
The Art of Cookery A Poem in Imitation of Horaces Art of Poetry by the Author of a Tale of a Tub
Copy of the Duke of Richmonds Letter on a Parliamentary Reform Addressed to Lieut Col Sharman with Strictures on the British Constitutional Rights of the People
A Short Account and Character of Spain In a Letter from an English Gentleman Now Residing at Madrid to His Friend in London
Sketch of a Speech Delivered at the Westminster Forum on the 9th 16th 23d and 30th December 1794 on the Following Question Which Have Proved Themselves the True Friends of Their King and Country ? by John Gale Jones
Songs Trios Duetts and Chorusses in the Comic Opera of Summer Amusement Or an Adventure at Margate as It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in the Hay-Market
Songs Duets Trios c in Fontainbleau Or Our Way in France A A [sic] Comic Opera as Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden Written by Mr OKeeffe
Remarks on Dr Jurins Last Yearly Account of the Success of Inoculation by Isaac Massey
Additional Information for John Cathcart of London Merchant Defender Against Alexander Blackwood Merchant in Edinburgh Pursuer
Victory Over Death a Sermon Preached at Sudbury in Suffolk April the 4th 1790 on Occasion of the Death of Mrs Elizabeth Ray by Robert Stevenson
Lord Kaimes Minutes John Wilson and Other Landholders in the City of Glasgow Against the Magistrates of Glasgow Partibus UT in Processu the Cause Called
Declaration of the Friends of the Liberty of the Press Assembled at the Crown and Anchor Tavern Saturday January 19 1793 Written by the Hon Thomas Erskine To Which Is Added the Other Proceedings of the Day the Second Edition Corrected
Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session the Petition of James Sibbald Pursuer
The Fugitive Or Happy Recess a Dramatic Pastoral in Two Acts as Written for the Royalty Theatre By Thomas Shapter
Oratio Anniversaria a Gulielmo Harveio Instituta in Theatro Collegii Medicorum Londinensium Habita Festo Sancti Luci Oct XVIII AD MDCCLXIX
Account of the Passage of the Ship Warren-Hastings Capt John Pascal Larkins by the Macklesfeild Strait on the East of Banka 1788 Published at the Charge of the East India Company by a Dalrymple
The Description of a Pocket Microscope with the Apparatus Thereto Belonging Adapted for Viewing Both Opake and Transparent Objects as Greatly Improved and Made by James Mann and James Ayscough London
Trial for a Breach of Promise of Marriage Miss Elizabeth Chapman Against William Shaw Esq Attorney at Law Before the Right Honourable Lord Kenyon in the Court of Kings -Bench 22d of May 1790
Some Cautions Offered to the Consideration of Those Who Are to Chuse Members to Serve in the Ensuing Parliament by the Late Marquis of Halifax
A Key to the Evangelical Sense of the Old and New Testament Books Introductory to a True Chronology of the Holy Bible with Notes
Remarks on a Sermon Lately Published Entitled Masonry the Way to Hell Being a Defence of That Antient and Honourable Order Against the Jesuitical Sophistry and False Calumny of the Author by John Thompson
The Kings True Divine Right the Flourishing of His Crown And the Shame of His Enemies a Sermon Preachd Upon Occasion of His Majestys Coronation The Lords Day After Being October the 24th 1714 by Samuel Rosewell Ma
Answers for James Robertson Merchant in Edinburgh to the Petition of Alexander Hay
Answers for Thomas Carlisle Writer in Dumfries to the Petition and Complaint of John Herries Merchant in Rotterdam
Information for John Cathcart of London Merchant Defender Against Alexander Blackwood Merchant in Edinburgh Pursuer
Rational Religion Recommended Or a Caution Against the Evils Attending the Want of Understanding in Religious Matters A Sermon Preached on Friday the Fifth of July 1776 by Thomas Davies
Poulsons Town and Country Almanac for the Year of Our Lord 1801
Comments on the Convention with Spain
Poor Wills Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1786
Ephemeris Or a Diary Astronomical Astrological Meteorological for the Year of Our Lord 1753 by John Gadbury
The Wanton Jesuit Or Innocence Seduced a New Ballad Opera as It Is Acted at the New Theatre in the Hay-Market
Poor Wills Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1783
Godly Zeal Described and Recommended In a Circular Letter from the Baptist Ministers and Messengers Assembled at Nottingham May 29 30 and 31 1792
Great-Britains Welcome to His Sacred Majesty King George a Poem Occasiond by His Successful and Glorious Negotiations This Summer
Father Abrahams Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1770 Fitted to the Latitude of Forty Degrees and a Meridian of Near Five Hours West from London by Abraham Weatherwise Gent
The Widow of Wallingford A Comedy of Two Acts (with Songs) as It Was Performed in the Neighbourhood of Wallingford by a Set of Gentlemen and Ladies At Whose Request It Is Now Published
The Genius of Ireland a New-Years Gift to Lord Clare In Return to His Lordships to the Queen
[the Ladies Own Memorandum-Book Or Daily Pocket Journal for the Year 1787 Designed as a Methodical Register of All Their Transactions of Business as Well as Amusement by a Lady]
Plain Truth By Which It Is Manifest That the Common Mercy of God Extends to All Men So as It Give Them the Pardon of Original Sin - But the Special Grace of God to His Elect Appears in His Giving Them Pardon of All Their Sins
A Packet from Rome Containing an Account of Some Extraordinary Transactions of the Jesuits at That Court And of Their Method of Converting Idolatrous Nations
Rules and Orders to Be Observed and Kept by a Friendly Society of Women Held at the House of Mr Benjamin Mason at the Old George at No47 Drury-Lane Near Long-Acre
Result of Astronomical Observations Made in the Interior Parts of North America
Gill Morice an Ancient Scottish Poem
Authentic Rebel Papers Seized at St Eustatius 1781
A Cheap Sure and Ready Guide to Health Or a Cure for a Disease Calld the Doctor Instructing How to Prevent Being Cheated and Destroyed by the Exactions and Unmerciful Usage of Ignorant and Oppressive Physicians and Apothecaries
The Impartial Observer Being a Modest Reply to What Has Been Lately Published Relating to the Intended Naturalization of the Jews Considered in a Moral Serious and Religious View
Verses on the Subject of Death Sacred to the Memories of Several Great Personages and Ministers of State with Particular Regard to the Right Hon Henry Pelham Esq And Sir William Lee
Specimen of Metal Cast Ornaments Curiously Adjusted to Paper by Edmund Fry and Co Letter-Founders to the Prince of Wales Type-Street
Northern Tours Or Poetical Epistles
Rules Orders and Regulations for the Management of the New House of Correction for the County of Middlesex Approved and Confirmed by the Justices at the Michaelmas Quarter Sessions 1794
A Sermon on Marriage Preached at Black-Fryers March 17 1733 4 by Samuel Wright DD
An Epistle of Love and Caution to the Quarterly and Monthly Meetings of Friends in Great-Britain or Elsewhere by David Hall the Second Edition
A Letter from a Portuguese Officer to a Friend in Paris Giving an Account of the Late Dreadful Earthquake by Which the City of Lisbon Was Destroyed Translated from the Portuguese
The Poor Soldier a Comic Opera In Two Acts With All the Original Songs Written by John OKeefe Esq as Acted at the Theatres Royal a New and Correct Edition from the Authors Original Manuscript
The Innocency of Error Asserted and Vindicated in a Letter to ------- The Third Edition Very Much Corrected and Improved by the Author
The Whole Tryal of John Swann and Elizabeth Jeffries for the Murder of Her Uncle Mr Joseph Jeffryes at Walthamstow at the Assizes Held at Chelmsford in Essex on Wednesday the 11th of March 1752 the Second Edition
The Melody of the Heart a Sermon Preachd at the Opening of an Organ in St Nicholass Church in Great Yarmouth December the 20th 1733 by Thomas Macro DD
The Trial of Religious Truth by Its Moral Influence a Sermon Preached at the Opening of the Synod of Glasgow and Air October 9th 1759 by J Witherspoon
The Difficulties and Due Discharge of the Ministerial Office in the Present Age a Sermon Preached Before the University of Oxford at St Marys on Sunday November 27 1757 by Thomas Griffith the Second Edition
The Practice of Inoculation Considerd with Respect to the Most Material Points of It To Which Is Added Some Interesting Advice to the Patient Under His Preparation With Remarks on the Use of Mercury by Richard Hawes
A Sermon Preachd Before the Lords in the Abbey Church at Westminster on the 22d of November 1709 by John LD Bp of Litchfield and Coventry
An Answer to the Reverend Mr Stebbings Remarks on the B of Bangors Doctrine of Religious Sincerity with a Postscript Concerning the Authority of the Church by a Christian the Second Edition
A Summary of the Duties of Citizenship! Written Expressly for the Members of the London Corresponding Society Including Observations on the Contemptuous Neglect of the Secretary of State with Regard to Their Late Address to the King!
A Sermon on Proverbs XIV 34 Preached Before the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge at Their Anniversary Meeting in the High Church of Edinburgh on Monday February 23 1761 by John Hyndman
The Tears of Music a Poem to the Memory of Mr Handel with an Ode to the River Eden by the Reverend J Langhorne
A Sermon Preachd Before the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament Assembled in the Abbey-Church at Westminster on the 30th of January 1717-18 by Edward Lord Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield the Second Edition
Abu Dhabi - Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque 2019 Architectural marvel of Abu Dhabi
A Narrative of the Death of Captain James Cook to Which Are Added Some Particulars Concerning His Life and Character and Observations Respecting the Introduction of the Venereal Disease Into the Sandwich Islands by David Samwell
The Great Duty of Consideration Recommended a Sermon on Occasion of the Death of Mr Thomas Cooper Who Departed This Life Nov291748 Preached at Kingston Upon Thames December 11th 1748 by George Wightwick
The Royal Academicians a Farce as It Was Performed to the Astonishment of Mankind by His Majestys Servants at the Stone House in Utopia in the Summer of 1786 the Second Edition
A Sermon Preached at the Tower of London on Friday 28th of February 1794 Being the Day Appointed for a General Fast By the Rev John Grose
The Causidicade a Panegyri-Satiri-Serio-Comic-Dramatical Poem on the Strange Resignation and Stranger-Promotion
The Farce of Chit Chat or Penance for Polygamy in One Act as Performed at the Theatre-Royal Smoke-Alley
A Catalogue of a Genuine and Curious Collection of Greek Roman British Saxon and English Coins and Medals in Gold Silver and Copper Which Will Be Sold by Auction by Mr Gerard on Wednesday the 26th of February 1772
Chaucers Whims Being Some Select Fables and Tales in Verse Very Applicable to the Present Times
The Duty and Manner of Propagating the Gospel Shewn in a Sermon Preachd at the Parish Church of St Martin Outwich and Poplar-Chapel on May XXVII 1711 by Robert Watts
Considerd in a Sermon Preached at Salters-Hall January 23 1734-5 by Daniel Neal MA the Fourth Edition
Religion Plain Not Mysterious Or Reason the Judge of All Doctrines a Sermon Preachd in London by George Johnston
Three Tracts Respecting the Conversion and Instruction of the Free Indians and Negroe Slaves in the Colonies Addressed to the Venerable Society for Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts in the Year 1768 by William Knox Esq a New Edition
Wapping Docks Triumphant!!! Or Quoz Refuted In Answer to a Pamphlet Entitled Eastward Ho!!!
Beauceron Presents Doggy Wordsearch the Beauceron Brings You a Doggy Wordsearch That You Will Love! Vol 5
Richard Plantagenet a Legendary Tale Now First Published by Mr Hull [the Sixth Edition Corrected and Improved]
Rosalinda a Musical Drama as It Is Performed at Hickfords Great Room in Brewers Street by Mr Lockman Set to Music by Mr John Christopher Smith to Which Is Prefixed an Enquiry Into the Rise and Progress of Operas and Oratorios
Samson an Oratorio as It Is Performd at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden Alterd and Adapted to the Stage from the Samson Agonistes of John Milton Set to Musick by George Frederick Handel
Samoyed Presents Doggy Wordsearch the Samoyed Brings You a Doggy Wordsearch That You Will Love! Vol 5
Monsters Nonsense The Grumpy Guest (Level 5) Practise phonics with non-words - Level 5
Genius and Fancy Or Dramatic Sketches by a Lady
Advice to Protestants Residing in Popish Countries in a Sermon Preachd at the British Church in Lisbon February the 10th 1708 9 by Joseph Wilcocks
Pharisaism Revived in Popery a Sermon Preached September the 29th at the Parish-Church of Fryern Barnet And October the 13th 1745 at Highgate Chapel Middlesex by B Liptrott
Longitude Made Easy from the Moons Altitude Only by William Garrard
Decency and Order in the Publick Worship of God Recommended In a Sermon Preachd at St Bennet Grace Church by Gibbon Sutton
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A Sermon Preached at the Visitation of Richard Lord Bishop of Durham Held in the Parish Church of St Mary Le Bow in Durham on Thursday July 27 1758 By Robert Lowth
Tyranny the Worst Taxation A Poetical Epistle to the Right Honourable Lord N---- Ostensible Prime M-R by the Author of Royal Perseverance
Church-Ornament Without Idolatry Vindicated In a Sermon Preachd on Occasion of an Altar-Piece Lately Erected in the Chancel of St Mary White-Chappel by R Welton
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The Search for the North Pole Or Life in the Great White World A Complete and Connected Story of Arctic Explorations Superbly Illustrated from Real Scenes Replete with Anecdote Incident Thrilling Adventure and Intensely Interesting Information Th
Lehrbuch Des Gesammten Privatrechtes in Geschichtlicher Dogmatischer Und Wirthschaftlicher Beziehung Vol 2 Mit Rucksicht Auf Die Einschlagigen Materien Des OEffentlichen Rechtes Obligationen-Recht Mit Einem Anhang UEber Wechsel-Gewerbe-Handels-Und
Traite Elementaire dAstronomie Physique Vol 5
Centralblatt Fur Bibliothekswesen 1887 Vol 4
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a Presbyterian Monthly Record of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America 1885 Vol 36 The Being the Organ of Home Missions Education Foreign Missions Publication Church Erection Relief for Disabled Ministers Missions for Freedmen
The Equality of Mankind A Poem by Michael Wodhull Esq Revised and Corrected with Additions
Creciendo En Mi Mundo Interior
ir Texter Felskrivna?
Duft Der Stille
Innenriume - Innere Riume - Lebensriume
Tubal-Kain Being the Second Part of Solomon in All His Glory or Master Mason Containing an Universal and Genuine Description of All Its Branches from the Original to the Present Time by Samuel Pritchard
The Fate Book II The Tigers Nest
Songs Duets and Finales in Lock and Key a Musical Farce as Performed at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden the Music Composed by Mr Shield
Die Kommentarfunktion Der Sozialen Medien Fluch Oder Segen Im iffentlichen Diskurs?
Prosodia Construed and the Meaning of the Most Difficult Words Therein Contained Plainly Illustrated Being an Addition to the Construction of Lilys Rules by Barnab Hampton
State of Sir John Days Claim Upon the East-India Company
Schwerelos Mit Dir
The Ghost of Morgan Gulch
Report on the Harbour of Scarborough And on the Means Necessary for Its Improvement by William Chapman
The Voyages of the Solar Queen
Ocean Princess
Reasons Humbly Offerd to the Parliament for Abrogating the Observation of the Thirtieth of January
Observations on a Pamphlet Entitled Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents by Catharine Macaulay the Fourth Edition Corrected
Traumwagen Zum Einkaufspreis?
The Merry Miller Or the Country-Mans Ramble to London a Farce of Two Acts
8 Sinne - Band 6 Der Gefihle
Considerations on the Act of Parliament Commonly Called the Nullum Tempus-Act with Some Reasons Why Such a Statute of Limitation Ought Not to Be Extended to Ecclesiastical Persons
Letters on the Utility and Policy of Employing Machines to Shorten Labour Occasioned by the Late Disturbances in Lancashire To Which Are Added Some Hints for the Further Extension and Improvement of Our Woollen Trade and Manufactures
Sunday Reading the Harvest Home
Reflections on the Present Low Price of Coarse Wools Its Immediate Causes and Its Probable Remedies by Josiah Tucker
In a Letter c by Thomas Watts
The Debauchees Or the Jesuit Caught a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by Henry Fielding Esq the Second Edition
Some Objections Humbly Offered to the Consideration of the Hon House of Commons Relating to the Present Intended Relief of Prisoners
Tolomeo Re Di Egitto Drama Per Musica Da Rappresentarsi Nel Regio Teatro dHay-Market
Matter of Fact Or the Arraignment and Tryal of the Di-RS of the S---- S--- Company with the Pleadings of the Counsel on Both Sides Dedicated to the Losers
Review of the Question Concerning the Government of the British Possessions in India With the Heads of a Plan Proposed by a Member of Parliament
Sir Joseph Banks and the Emperor of Morocco a Tale by Peter Pindar Esquire
An Impartial Enquiry Into the Value of South--Sea Stock with Some Thoughts of the Occasion of the Present Decay of Trade and Credit And Some Means Proposed for Restoring the Same the Second Edition with Large Additions and Amendments
Reformation a Poem by Thomas Scott
Apollo Anglicanus The English Apollo the Twenty Ninth Impression of the Same Author by Richard Saunder
Das Neue Testament Unsers Herrn Und Heilandes Jesu Christi Nach Dr Martin Luthers Uebersetzung
Short Animadversions on the Difference Now Set Up Between Gin and Rum and Our Mother Country and Colonies
Love Elegies Written in the Year 1732 by Mr Hammond
Armageddon Or the Necessity of Carrying on the War If Such a Peace Cannot Be Obtained as May Render Europe Safe and Trade Secure
The Progress of Delusion Or an Address to All Parties Exposing the Influence and Effects of Popular Credulity Indolence
Minor Poems Or Poetical Pieces Never Before Published Collected by L Ker MB
Reflections on the Late Alarming Bankruptcies in Scotland Addressed to All Ranks with Advice to Such How to Conduct Themselves at This Crisis
Sir Humphry Macworths Proposal Being a New Scheme Offerd for the Payment of the Publick Debts for Relief of the South-Sea Company and for Easing the Nation of the Land and Malt Tax
Remarks Upon Mr Webbers Scheme and the Drapers Pamphlet
On Wet Docks Quays and Warehouses for the Port of London With Hints Respecting Trade
Suspiria Oceani A Monody on the Death of Richard Earl Howe KG Admiral of the Fleet by Dr Trotter
Hudibras Redivivus Or a Burlesque Poem on the Times Part the Sixth
Universal Charity the Bond of Christian Unity a Sermon Preachd at Pinners-Hall March the 9th 1717 18 by John Gale
Verses on the Death of Dr S---- DSPD Occasioned by Reading a Maxim in Rochefoulcault Written by Himself November 1731
John Bulls Last Will and Testament as It Was Drawn by a Welch Attorney with a Preface to the Ar--P of C--Ry by an Eminent Lawyer of the Temple
Thoughts on the Present State of the Cottiers and Day Labourers of This Kingdom Addressed to the Landlords and Landholders of the County of Meath by a Native of That County
Love in the Suds A Town Eclogue Being the Lamentation of Roscius for the Loss of His Nyky the Fifth Edition
Observations and Remarks Respecting the More Effectual Means of Preservation of Wounded Seamen and Marines on Board of His Majestys Ships in Time of Action by J Rymer Second Edition
Observations on the Inefficacious Use of Irons in Cases of Luxations and Distortions of the Ancle Joint and Children Born with Deformed or Crooked Feet by William Jackson
The Insufficiency of External Observances Without Purity of Heart A Sermon Preachd at Barbican August the Fourth 1717 by John Gale
Mr Oldmixons Reply to the Late Bishop Atterburys Vindication of Bishop Smallridge Dr Aldrich and Himself from Some Passages in the Preface to the History of the Reigns of the Stuarts
Some Few Poems Composed by the Chevalier Ramsay Author of the Celebrated Travels of Cyrus
Il Re Pastore Dramma Per Musica Pel Teatro Di SMB
The Insolvent Debtor A Simple Pathetic Tale Founded on Facts to Which Is Added a Small Collection of Miscellaneous Poetry by JC Cross
Kymber a Monody to Sir Armine Wodehouse Bart by Mr Potter
Two Epistles the First to a Young Nobleman from His Preceptor Written in the Year 1735-6 the Second to the Right Honourable the Countess of Hartford at Percy-Lodge In the Year 1744 by the Revd Mr Dalton
On Poetry A Rapsody
The Resurrection of Christ Provd and Vindicated Against the Most Important Objections of the Antient Jews or Modern Deists a Sermon Preachd at Trowbridge in the Country of Wilts With Some Additions and Amendments by James Foster
Tables for Reducing Lunar Observations and Obviating the Difficulties in Finding the Longitude by William Garrard
Clifton A Poem in Two Cantos Including Bristol and All Its Environs by Henry Jones
Unanimity a Poem by J Macaulay the Second Edition
The Immanuel an Evangelical Paraphrase A Poem by Samuel Beeston
Immortality Or the Consolation of Human Life a Monody by Tho Denton Ma
King Henry V a Tragedy in Five Acts Written by Shakespeare Taken from the Managers Book at the Theatre Royal Drury-Lane
Final Nbs Report for Cals Fy86
State of Alterations Which May Be Proposed in the Laws for Regulating the Election of Members of Parliament for Shires in Scotland by Sir John Sinclair Bart
La Legge (Torah) O Il Pentateuco Genesi Esodo Levitico Numeri Deuteronomio Con Una Introduzione Con Carte Geografiche E Tavole Illustrative
Epitome Trium Terrae Partium Asiae Africae Et Europae Compendiariam Locorum Descriptionem Continens Praecipue Autem Quorum in Actis Lucas Passim Autem Evangelistae Et Apostoli Meminere AB Ipso Authore Diligenter Recognita Et Multis in Locis Aucta
Mecklenburgisches Kirchen-Gesangbuch
Archiv Fur Lateinische Lexicographie Und Grammatik Mit Einschluss Des AElteren Mittellateins 1885 Vol 2 ALS Vorarbeit Zu Einem Thesaurus Linguae Latinae Mit Unterstutzung Der K Bayerischen Akademie Der Wissenschaften Heft I
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Abhandlungen Des Deutschen Seefischerei-Vereins Vol 1
Cadiz Groundwater Storage and Dry-Year Supply Program Vol 2 Final Environmental Impact Report Final Environmental Impact Statement Public Participation and Response to Comments on the Draft Eir Eis Sch No 99021039
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Handbuch Der Verfassung Und Verwaltung in Preussen Und Dem Deutschen Reiche
Biographie Universelle (Michaud) Ancienne Et Moderne Vol 23 Ou Histoire Par Ordre Alphabetique de la Vie Publique Et Privee de Tous Les Hommes Qui Se Sont Fait Remarquer Par Leurs Ecrits Leurs Actions Leurs Talents Leurs Vertus Ou Leurs Crimes
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Minutes of the Seventy-First Annual Session of the Tar River Baptist Association Held with the Church at Corinth Franklin County N C October 8 9 and 10 1901
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Der Waldbau Oder Die Forstproductenzucht
Verhandlungen Der Physikal-Medicin Gesellschaft Zu Wurburg 1883 Vol 17
The Gopher 1921
de Christiana Expeditione Apud Sinas Suscepta AB Societate Jesu Ex P Matthaei Ricii Eiusdem Societatis Commentariis Libri V Ad S D N Paulum V in Quibus Sinensis Regni Mores Leges Atque Instituta Et Nouae Illius Ecclesiae Difficillima Primordia Accu
Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha Vol 2 El
Hans Sachs Und Seine Zeit Ein Lebens-Und Kulturbild Aus Der Zeit Der Reformation
Gods Goodness to a People in Setting a Wise and Good King Over Them a Sermon Preachd at Little St Hellens May the 29th 1721 to the Society Which Supports the Morning-Lecture There by Simon Browne
Advice to the Ladies a Poem With an Elegiac Complaint on the Death of the Inimitable Alexander Pope Esq by a Norfolk Gentleman
The Benefit of Farting Explaind Or the Fundament-All Cause of the Distempers Incident to the Fair-Sex Enquired Into Wrote in Spanish by Don Fartinando Puff-Indorst Translated Into English by Obadiah Fizzle
Jesus Christ the Prophet Whom Moses Foretold a Sermon Preached at the Cathedral-Church of Norwich June the 28th 1724 to Which Is Added a PostScript Explaining a Passage in St Pauls Epistle to the Galatians by Thomas Bullock
Monody to the Memory of a Young Lady Who Died in Child-Bed by an Afflicted Husband
The Tempest A Poem Written at Sea
Reasons Against the Bill Now Depending in Parliament for Restraining the Use of Gold and Silver Lace Embroidery c in a Letter from a Citizen to a Member of Parliament
Davids Behaviour Proposed to the Imitation of Christians in a Sermon Occasiond by the Death of Mr James Nelson Who Died Sept 5 1735 it19 by John Tren
Five Pastoral Eclogues The Scenes of Which Are Supposd to Lie Among the Shepherds Oppressd by the War in Germany
Cursory Remarks on Infancy and Education
Prayer for a Family
Arts Manufactures and Commerce A Poem by George Cockings
The Mercer or Fatal Extravagance Being a True Narrative of the Life of Mr Wm Dennis Mercer in Cheapside London
Pteryplegia Or the Art of Shooting-Flying a Poem by Mr Markland AB
On Public Virtue a Poem in Three Books Book I
Letter to the King In Which the Conduct of Mr Lenox and the Minister in the Affair with His Royal Highness the Duke of York Is Fully Considered by Theophilus Swift Esq
The Magic Girdle A Burletta Taken from the French of Monsieur Rousseau Set to Music by Mr Barthelemon and Performed at Marybone Gardens
The Crucifixion A Poetical Essay by Thomas Zouch MA
Stowe the Gardens of the Right Honourable Richard Lord Viscount Cobham Addressd to Mr Pope
The Description and Use of That Most Excellent Invention Commonly Calld Mercators Chart With Some Observations Useful for the Better Understanding the Nature Thereof To Which Is Added the Description of a New Scale
Remarks on Some of the Editions of the Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland c
Camilla an Opera as It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Lincolns-Inn-Fields
The Delusive and Persecuting Spirit of Popery A Sermon Preached in Monkwell-Street on the 10th of February Last by James Fordyce DD
Six Voluntaries for the Organ Harpsichord c Composed by John Beckwith
Candour Or an Occasional Essay on the Abuse of Wit and Eloquence
Comus A Masque by Milton Taken from the Managers Book at the Theatre-Royal Covent Garden
[desiderata Bibliotheca Banksiana] [editio Tertia]
Remarks on Mr Steeles Crisis c by One of the Clergy in a Letter to the Author
Mrs M C Rudds Genuine Letter to Lord Weymouth With Several Authentic Anecdotes of the Late Messrs Perreaus Together with an Explanation of the Conduct of a Certain Great City Patriot
The Importance of Settling and Fortifying Nova Scotia With a Particular Account of the Climate Soil and Native Inhabitants of the Country by a Gentleman Lately Arrived from That Colony
Mr E----- B----s Answer to His Own Speech of the 11th of February 1780 with Mr F----s Animadversions Thereon Taken in Short-Hand at the C---- Tavern in the Strand February 2d by Lovel Tomlinson
Speculum Anni Or Season on the Seasons for the Year of Our Lord 1776 by Henry Season the Authors Forty-Third Impression
[desiderata Bibliotheca Banksiana] [editio Quarta]
Oratio in Theatro Sheldoniano Habita Idibus Aprilibus MDCCXLIX Die Dedicationis Bibliothec Radclivian [editio Altera]
The History of the Old Fringd Petticoat A Fragment Translated from the Original Ms Greek of Democritus with an Epistle and Dedication to Lord N----
Reflections Upon the Nature and Usefulness of Logick as It Has Been Commonly Taught in the Schools by Edward Bentham
A Catalogue of Some Tracts and Pamphlets Collected by the Late Earl of Oxford Number V
de Priscis Romanorum Literis Dissertatio Autore Joanne Swinton
The White Devils Un-Cased Being the First Discourse Upon Ecclesiastical Tyranny and Superstition Delivered at Section 2 and 7 of the Friends of Liberty by Citizen Bailey to Be Continued Every Fortnight the Second Edition
General Observations on the Power of Individuals to Prescribe by Testamentary Dispositions the Particular Future Uses to Be Made of Their Property Occasioned by the Last Will of Peter Thellusson by John Lewis de Lolme
[desiderata Bibliotheca Banksiana] [editio Secunda]
Solitudinis Munus Or Hints for Thinking
Appel Au Bon Sens
Secession Or True Blue Separated from Buff a Political-Satirical-Panegyrical Poem Humbly Inscribed to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales with Notes --- Critical and Explanatory by Churchill-Minor
Remarks Upon the Report of a Peace in Consequence of Mr Secretary Townshends Letter to the Lord Mayor of London by the Author of the Defence of the Earl of Shelburne Second Edition
Brine-Salt Improved Or the Method of Making Salt from Brine That Shall Be as Good or Better Than French Bay-Salt in a Letter to the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty Dated 8 July 1746 by Thomas Lowndes
Dissertatio Medica Inauguralis de Haemoptysi Quam Pro Gradu Doctoris Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Paulus Stevens Samuells
Three Letters to the Rev Dr Price Containing Remarks Upon His Fast-Sermon by a Cobler
Opiration Borodine La 23e Ripublique
The Danger of Bad Company with Respect to Our Obedience to God Plainly and Familiarly Set Forth in a Sermon Preachd in the Parish Church of Bisley in Gloucestershire July the 23d 1710 by Simon Priest
Scripture and Reason a Poem Containing Various Arguments in Refutation of MR Paines Pamphlet Entitled the Age of Reason by J Osborne a Blind Seaman of South-Shields
Poems and Translations by Francis Hoyland AB
The Youths Interest In a Discourse on an Extraordinary Occasion From Matthew VI XXXIII by Robert Bragge
A Sermon Preachd Upon the Murder of Mr Richard Dobell Late of Chichester in the County of Sussex Together with a Preface and Likewise an Appendix by Mat Woodford
Two Sermons Preached Before the University of Cambridge in the Year 1762 On May XXIX and on October XXV by Z Brooke
Derni re Lettre Du Chavalier dEon M Le Comte de Guerchy En Datte Du 5 Aout 1767 Avec lExtrait de la Procedure En Bonne Forme
Poems by J Donaldson Author of the Elements of Beauty
Memoir of a Chart from St Johns on the Coast of India to Cape Arubah on the Coast of Persia Published at the Charge of the East India Company by a Dalrymple 1784
Gods Judgments Considered as to Their Nature and End a Sermon Preachd at the Parish-Church of St Olave Hart-Street on the 17th of December 1745 by E Arrowsmith
Alexander Balus an Oratorio as It Is Performd at the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden Set to Musick by George-Frederick Handel Esq
Hymn to the Dryads Inscribed to Dr Turton
Apreciaciones Sobre El Esoterismo Cristiano
The Supreme and Inferiour Elahim a Sermon Preached Before the Corporation of Bristol on Sunday the 16th of August 1735 by AS Catcott
Ethereum - La Prochaine Giniration de Cryptomonnaie
La Metafisica Oriental y San Bernardo
Collection of Papers Concerning the Navigation Winds and Weather at the French Islands Mauritius and Bourbon Published at the Charge of the East India Company by a Dalrymple 1794
Fortune a Rhapsody Inscribed to MR Garrick
Decision Making Explore a Path to Godly Decision-Making
St Polycarp Reference Bible Assamese Holy Bible
Continuation of the Description of the Coast of Malabar from Bancoot Downwards by John McCluer 1789 and 1790 Published at the Charge of the East India Company by a Dalrymple 1791
Nautical Propositions and Institutes Or Directions for the Practice of Navigation by Samuel Dunn
The Divorce A Farce in Two Acts Written by the Author of All the Worlds a Stage
An Enquiry Into the Inward Call to the Holy Ministry
The Lawyers Complaint and the Preachers Caustick Or a Seasonable Reply to a Restless Attorney and Co by William Huntington SS
A Sermon Delivered in the Parish-Church of West Bromwich in the County of Stafford on Wednesday March 12 1800 the Day Appointed for a General Fast and Humiliation by William Jesse
The Mission and Authority of the Clergy Vindicated from Mr Bowmans Aspersions in His Sermon Intitled the Traditions of the Clergy Destructive of Religion by W Cockburn the Second Edition
The Court-Spy Or Memoirs of St J-M-sS in a Letter from a Person of Distinction in Town to His Friend in Wales
A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of Robert Bolton LLD Dean of Carlile and Vicar of St Marys in Reading Preached There by W U Wray MA
The Universal Passion Satire IV to the Right Honourable Sir Spencer Compton
The Contrivances a Ballad Opera as It Is Now Acted
A Dedication to a Great Man Concerning Dedications Discovering Amongst Other Wonderful Secrets What Will Be the Present Posture of Affairs a Thousand Years Hence the Fourth Edition Corrected with a Preface
A Sermon Preachd Before the Sons of the Clergy at Their Anniversary-Meeting in the Cathedral Church of St Paul February 13 1728 9 by Robert Kilborn
The Musical Lady a Farce in Two Acts Taken from the Managers Book at the Theatre Royal Drury-Lane
An Antiquarian Doctors Sermon on an Antiquated Subject Lately Found Among the Sweepings of His Study
A Sermon Preached at the Anniversary Meeting of the Governors and Contributors to the Devon and Exeter Hospital at St Peters Exon on Tuesday the 28th of August 1759 by Francis Webber
The Honest Yorkshire-Man a Ballad Farce Acted with Great Applause at the Theatres Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden Written by Mr Harry Carey
The Old Batchelor a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatres-Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden by Mr Congreve
A Letter to a Country Parson Or a Reply to the Rev F Wollastons Address to His Flock to Caution Them Against Being Misled by the Wolf in Sheeps Clothing by a Lover of His Country and a Friend to Truth
A Genuine Account of the Life and Trial of William Andrew Horne Esq Of Butterly-Hall in the County of Derby Who Was Convicted at Nottingham Assizes August 10 1759 for the Murder of a Child in the Year 1724 the Third Edition
A Poetical and Congratulatory Epistle to James Boswell Esq on His Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with the Celebrated Dr Johnson by Peter Pindar Esq the Eighth Edition
An Essay Upon the Virtues of Balm of Gilead with a Copper-Plate of the Balsam-Tree Guarded by a Janissary to Which Is Added an Account of the Essence of That Noble Medicine and Proper Directions for Taking It
An Almanack for the Year of Our Lord God 1701 by W Turner
An Answer to Mr Fitzgeralds Appeal to the Gentlemen of the Jockey Club
Extracts from a Poem on the Prospect from Stirling Castle I the Vision V Three Hymns Morning Noon and Evening by David Doig LLD
The Danger of Turning Again to Folly A Sermon Preachd at the Royal Chappel in Portsmouth on Tuesday July 7 1713 by Jacob Prosser
Piramo E Tisbe a Serious Entertainment in Two Acts As Performed at the Kings Theatre in the Hay-Market the Music by Signor Rauzzini
Of Knowing the Tree by Its Fruits a Sermon Preachd at the Cathedral-Church of Sarum on Sunday October 25 1747 by Joseph Holler
Dissertatio Inauguralis de Abortu Quam Pro Gradu Doctoratus Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Stephanus Robinson
New Brooms! an Occasional Prelude Performed at the Opening of the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane September 21 1776 by George Colman
The Privilege of Believers Being the Substance of a Discourse Delivered at Grogun in the County of Antrim in Ireland in the Year 1754 by John Cennick the Second Edition
Observations on the Pot-Ash Brought from America with Respect to Its Goodness Sophistication c by R Dossie
Verses Occasioned by the Death of the Late Unfortunate Lewis the Sixteenth by John Macaulay
Dissertatio Medica Inauguralis de Caloris in Corpore Humano Effectibus Quibusdam Quam Pro Gradu Doctoratus Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Samuel Goulding
Mendico-Hymen Or the Beggars Match a Poem Translated from the Latin by a Gentleman of the University of Dublin
The Grounds and Reasons of Temporal Judgments Considerd a Sermon Preached at Ditton Upon Thames in Surrey Occasiond by the Present Dangerous Situation of Our Protestant Religion and Liberties by George Harvest
Proceedings for Sundays [sic] Schools and a Plan of That in St Stephens Norwich Established October 16th 1785
In Rules and Directions for Children and Youth Sent to English Schools Especially Designd for the Poor Boys Taught and Cloathed by Charity by White Kennett the Twelfth Edition
Gods Mercies Slighted and Neglected a Challenge to His Justice a Sermon Preached at Hampstead Chapel March the 25th and at Kensington April the 1st 1750 by James Cox DD
Sesostri an Opera To Be Performd at the Kings-Theatre in the Hay-Market for the Benefit of Signora Campolini and Signor Guglielmi Composer to the Opera the Poetry Taken from an Old Book by Giovan Gualberto Bottarelli
Public Virtue the Great Cause of the Happiness and Prosperity of Any People an Assize Sermon Preached in the Cathedral Church of York on Sunday July 20th 1746 by James Ibbetson
La Bella Pescatrice a Comic Opera of One Act as Represented at the Kings Theatre Haymarket with Many Additions and Alterations by Mr D Ponte the Translation by Mr John Mazzinghi
Phoebe a Pastoral Opera Set to Music by Dr Greene
The History of Hypatia a Most Impudent School-Mistress of Alexandria Murderd and Torn to Pieces by the Populace in Defence of Saint Cyril and the Alexandrian Clergy from the Aspersions of Mr Toland by Mr Lewis
The Characters of a Good and a Bad Prince A Sermon Preachd in the Cathedral of Salis-Bury at the Assizes Held for the County of Wilts March the 11th 1715 16 by Edward Jones
Festa dImeneo Per Le Reali Nozze Di Frederico Prencipe Reale Di Vallia Con Augusta Di Sax-Gotha Celebrata Nel Regio Teatro
Christ the Light of the World a Sermon Preached Before the University of Oxford at St Peters on Saturday October 28 1749 by George Watson
A New Test of the Church of Englands Loyalty Or Whiggish Loyalty and Church Loyalty Compard
Remarks on the Preliminary Articles Offerd by the French King in Order to Procure a General Peace the Second Edition
Morses Geography This Day Is Published in One Large Volume Octavo Illustrated with Maps a New Edition
Songs in the Comic Opera of Tom Thumb the Great as It Is Now Performing at the Microcosm Near Stephens-Street
Remarks on the Conduct Principles and Publications of the Association at the Crown and Anchor in the Strand for Preserving Liberty and Property Against Republicans and Levellers
Lethe a Dramatic Satire Written by David Garrick Taken from the Managers Book at the Theatre Royal Drury-Lane
Songs Duets Choruses c in the Operatic Farce of Hartford Bridge Or the Skirts of the Camp Performed at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden
Songs Duettos Trios Quartettos Quintettos and Musical Dialogue c in the Comic Opera of Richard Coeur de Lion Performing at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden
Two Essays One on Conversation the Other on Solitude by a Gentleman of Oxford
The Rights of the Devil Or the Jacobins Consolation by Kit Moris in Hell
The Duenna Or the Double Elopement A Comic Opera As It Is Acted at the Theatre Smoke-Alley Dublin
The Reason of Man With Strictures on Rights of Man and Other of Mr Paines Works
Ten Minutes Caution from a Plain Man to His Fellow Citizens
Information for Mr Robert Bennet Dean of Faculty and the Other Advocates Complained Upon at the Instance of Her Majestys Advocate
Barataria Or Sancho Turnd Governor a Farce in Two Acts as It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden by Frederick Pilon
Observations on Paines Rights of Man in a Series of Letters by Publicola Third Edition
Love in a Camp Or Patrick in Prussia in Two Acts Performed at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden in 1785 by John OKeeffe Esq
Tony Lumpkin in Town A Farce as Performed at the Theatre-Royal in the Hay-Market by J Keeffe
Airs Songs Duetts Trios and Chorusses in Marian a Comic Opera in Two Acts as Performed at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden the Musick by Mr Shield Second Edition
Reasons Against Fighting Being an Inquiry Into This Great Debate Whether It Is Safe for Her Majesty or Her Ministry to Venture an Engagement with the French Considering the Present Behaviour of the Allies
Marginal Animadversions on Mr Costards Two Late Dissertations on the Kesitah and the Hermai
I Reasons for Addressing His Majesty to Invite Into England Their Highnesses the Electress Dowager and the Electoral Prince of Hanover and Likewise II Reasons for Attainting and Abjuring the Pretended Prince of Wales
Manual of the Theophilanthropes or Adorers of God and Friends of Men Arranged by Certain Citizens and Adopted by the Theophilanthropic Societies Established in Paris Second Edition Translated by John Walker
Modern Observations on Antient History Translated from the Italian by the Author of the First Chapter Chapter the Second
Three Nights Adventures Or Accidental Intrigues
Songs Duets Trios c in the Duenna Or the Double Elopement as Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden Written by Richard Brinsley Sheridan Esq the Twentieth Edition
The West-Country Farmer Or a Fair Representation of the Decay of Trade and Badness of the Times In a Letter of Complaint from a Tenant in the Country to His Landlord in London
Kick Him Jenny a Merry Tale
Airs Chorusses c c in Albert Adelaide or the Victim of Constancy A Grand Heroic Romance as Performed at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden the Music Selected and Composed by Mr Steibelt and Mr Attwood
An Explanation of the Mistaken Principle on Which the Commutation ACT Was Founded And the Nature of the Mischiefs That Must Follow from a Perseverance in It in a Second Address to the Public from Thomas Bates Rous Esq
Some Thoughts on the State of Literary Property Humbly Submitted to the Consideration of the Public
Songs Chorusses c Which Are Introduced in the New Entertainment of the Jubilee at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane
The Succession of Spain Considerd Or a View of the Several Interests of the Princes and Powers of Europe as They Respect the Succession of Spain and the Empire
A Rod for the Eaton School-Masters Back Or a Letter from a Country School-Boy to Dr Snape Occasiond by One from Him to the Bishop of Bangor
Disputatio Medica Inauguralis de Dysenteria Quam Pro Gradu Doctoris Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Alexander Menzies
The Metamorphosis of the Town Or a View of the Present Fashions a Tale After the Manner of Fontaine
Elegia de Gray Escrita No Adro de Uma Igreja de Aldeia Traduzida Na Lingoa Portugueza
Remark [sic] Upon the Trial of William Sutton Esq By an Impartial By-Stander
The Songs c in the Cabinet of Fancy Or Evening Exhibition as It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in the Hay-Market
Copy of the Deed of Settlement of the Laudable Society for the Benefit of Widows Inrolled in the High Court of Chancery
Absalom and Achitophel a Poem Written by Mr Dryden to Which Is Added an Explanatory Key Never Printed Before
Content a Poem by Allan Ramsay the Second Edition
Considerations on the Attempt of the East-India Company to Become Manufacturers in Great-Britain
Prosodia Construed and the Meaning of the Most Difficult Words Therein Contained Plainly Illustrated Being an Addition to the Construction of Lilies Rules and of Like Necessary Use by Barnab Hampton
Lettre de Monsieur lAbbi de S P a M Dem
The Songs in Liberty-Hall An Opera of Two Acts Now Performing at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane a New Edition the Musick by Mr Dibdin
Some Overtures and Cautions in Relation to Trade and Taxes Humbly Offered to the Parliament by a Well-Wisher to His Country
Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session the Petition of George Boyd Merchant in Edinburgh
The Lovers Quarrel Or Cupids Triumph the Pleasant History of Fair Rosamond of Scotland Whose Love Was Obtained by the Valour of Tommy Potts
Thoughts on the Defence of Property Addressed to the County of Hereford by Uvedale Price Esq
Memorial of Andrew Wilson Hearsey a Captain of Infantry Upon the Bengal Establishment
The Directors a Poem Addressed to Mr Stanhope Occasioned by His Epistle to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales by Mr Arundell
A Serious Address to Men in Business Concerning the Right Ordering Their Affairs With Advice in the Case of Those Who Have Unhappily Mismanaged In Two Discourses on Prov XXVII 23 by John Ford the Second Edition
Remarks Upon a Popular Letter by a Citizen of London
Mother Bunchs Closet Broke Open Containing Rare Secrets of Art Nature Tried and Experienced by Learned Philosophers and Recommended to All Ingenuous Young Men Maids Teaching Them How to Get Good Wives and Husbands Part the Second
A New Years Gift to Workmen and Apprentices from Rowland Hunt Esq Containing the Relation of Wrong and Robbery in France with Marats Visit to the Devil And of Right and Property in England with John Bull Content
Observations on a Pamphlet Written by Richard Flower Recommending the Abolition of Tithes by the Rev James Bearblock AM Author of a Treatise Upon Tithes and the Various Modes of Compounding for Them
Mother Bunchs Closet Newly Broke Open Containing Rare Secrets of Art and Nature Tried and Experienced by Learned Philosophers Recommended to All Ingenious Young Men and Maids Part the First
The Dragon of Wantley A Burlesque Opera The Music Composd by Mr Lampe
A Voice from the Shades Or the Death and Sufferings of the Royal Martyr Revivd Also the Speeches and Sufferings of the Earl of Strafford Archbishop Laud and the Principal of Those That Suffered in the Royal Cause
Second Letter a Letter from Earl Fitzwilliam Who Recently Retired from Ireland to the Earl of Carlisle Explaining the Causes of That Event the Third Edition
A Word on the Times to Those Who Buy Also Five Minutes Advice Before Going to Market to Those Who Sell Second Edition by Rowland Hunt Esq
The Poor Mechanicks Plea Against the Rich Clergys Opression Shewing Tithes Are No Gospel-Ministers Maintenance by J B
Of the Ends of Society by Fettiplace Bellers Esq
Democratic Principles Illustrated by Example by Peter Porcupine Part the First
Observations in Vindication of the Authenticity of the Parian Chronicle by Richard Gough
Copy of a Letter from a Gentleman in Edinburgh to His Friend in the Country Upon the Subject of the Malt Tax
Aerostation Or the Templars Stratagem a Farce in Two Acts Written by F Pilon as It Is Performed with Applause at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden
The Dutch Barrier Ours Or the Interest of England and Holland Inseparable with Reflections on the Insolent Treatment the Emperor and States-General Have Met with from the Author of the Conduct and His Brethen
Some Thoughts on the Bill for the Relief of Tenants Holding Leases for Lives Renewable for Ever Addressed to Lord Lifford Lord Chancellor of Ireland
Britannias Intercession for the Deliverance of John Wilkes Esq from Persecution and Banishment to Which Is Added a Political and Constitutional Sermon And a Dedication to L*** B*** the Fifth Edition
Plans for Reducing the Extraordinary Expences of the Nation and Gradually Paying Off the National Debt To Which Is Added a Proposal for a General Register in London or Westminster of Births Marriages Burials by George Box
Serious and Free Thoughts on the Present State of the Church and of Religion Humbly Addressed to the Right Reverend the Bishop of ***** by a Christian
A Sermon Preached Before the Honourable House of Commons at St Margarets Westminster On Monday January 31 1763 By Thomas Bray DD
Christian Politics A Sermon Preached to a Country Congregation on Friday April 19 1793 Being the Day Appointed for a General Fast by William Mavor the Second Edition
La Generositi dAlessandro a Serious Opera in Two Acts as Performed at the Theatre Royal in the Hay Market the Music by Signor Tarchi
Two Sermons Preached in the Cathedral Church of Salisbury The First on the Fifth of November the Second on the Seventh of November 1710 by Gilbert Lord Bishop of Salisbury the Second Edition
Moderation and Charity Recommended in a Sermon Preachd at Keswick to the Associated Protestant Dissenting Ministers of Cumberland and Westmoreland by Joseph Dodson AM
An Essay Upon Publick Credit Being an Enquiry How the Publick Credit Comes to Depend Upon the Change of the Ministry or the Dissolutions of Parliaments And Whether It Does So or No the Third Edition
Christ the Only Foundation Or the Impossibility of Men Laying Another for the Sinners Acceptance with God and His Hope of Happiness Represented in a Sermon Upon I Corinthians IIIII by James Turner
An Earnest Invitation to the Throne of Grace Or the Saints Duty and Exercise by the Rev Mr Robert Russel
A Letter to a Dissenter in Exeter Occasiond by the Late Heats in Those Parts Upon Some Difference of Sentiments Among the Brethren
A Letter to the Earl of Abingdon Discussing a Position Relative to a Fundamental Right of the Constitution Contained in His Lordships Thoughts on the Letter of Edmund Burke Esq to the Sheriffs of Bristol by John Cartwright
Remarks and Observations on the Morality and Divinity Contained in Dr Frees Certain Articles Proposed to the Court of Assistants of the Worshipful Company of Salters in a Letter to the Reverend Dr Free
Tentamen Medicum Inaugurale de Ulcusculis Venereis Quod Pro Gradu Doctoris Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Snowdenus White
The Tabernacle of God with Men a Sermon Preached at the Opening of a Meeting-House in Marsh-Street Walthamstow on Wednesday the 6th of June 1787 And at the Scots Church London-Wall by Henry Hunter
Dissertatio Medica Inauguralis de Obstructionum Origine Pro Gradu Doctoratus Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Patricius Blair
Thoughts on the Present State of the Prisons of This Country Exemplified by a Plan Adapted to the Objects of Such Consideration by J Leroux Esq
The Kentish Cricketers A Poem by a Gentleman Being a Reply to a Late Publication of a Parody on the Ballad of Chevy Chace Intituled Surry Triumphant Or the Kentish Mens Defeat
Doubts Concerning the Authenticity of the Last Publication of the Confessional and the Current Editions of Certain Books Cited in It Addressed to the Author of That Learned Work
Religion and Loyalty Inseparable a Sermon Preached at St Jamess Church Manchester Oct 7 1792 by C Bayley
R flexions Sur La R volution de France Et Sur Les Proc d s de Certaines Soci t s Relatifs Cette R volution Extrait Du Livre de M Burke Troisieme dition Imprim e Londres
Ox---- And Bull---- Or a Funeral Sermon for the Two Beasts That Are to Be Slaughterd Upon Tower-Hill Next Session of Parliament by Mr John Dunton
Ahabs Evil A Funeral Discourse on a Late Occasion the Fifth Edition
Antinomian Heresy Exploded In an Appeal to the Christian World Against the Unscriptural Doctrines and Licentious Tenets of Mr James Relly Advanced in His Treatise of Union c by W Mason
Tasty food from the kitchen UK - Version 2019 Fine cuisine calendar with fruits vegetables with cool and warming drinks on the new year
Six Cantatas Humbly Dedicated to the Rt Honble Sackville Earl of Thanet the Words and Music by H Carey
Thirty Three Plates of English Medals by the Late Mr Thomas Snelling
Hot Chili Calendar 2019 Red chillies are always an eye-catcher a wonderful food calendar
Revista de Derecho Piblico (Venezuela) No 149-150 Enero-Junio 2017
Two Farewell Letters I to an Anonymous and Skulking Critical Reviewer II to the Monthly Reviewers by Percival Stockdale
Fresh fruits and all kinds of Healthy Eating UK Vesion 2019 Fresh fruits and vegetables should determine our daily diet this does not create here who has a calendar for the good intentions
Bale une ville sur le Rhin 2019 Visite de Bale ville internationale
En mode culotte bas et escarpins 2019 Calendrier et photos en noir et blanc autour de modeles feminins en bas et escarpins avec une culotte plus ou moins en place
Hot Chili Calendar Great Britain Edition 2019 Red chillies are always an eye-catcher a wonderful food calendar
Remarks Upon the Account of What Was Transacted in the Assembly at Exon Lately Publishd by Their Order by James Peirce
La Nievre entre Loire et Morvan 2019 Un voyage dans la Nievre
The Geography and History of Lile Or a Description of What Is to Be Seen and an Account of What Passes in and about That Town by John Mack Gregory
Thf [sic] Resigners Vindicated Part II and Last Containing I an Account of the Authors of the Defection Considerd c IV Characters of the Resigners
Hornbills from Southeastern Asia 2019 Lovable companions in the wild
Black white red UK-Version 2019 Design in black white red
Six Solos for a Violin and Thorough Bass with Some Pieces for the German Flute and Harpsicord Composd by Henry Holcombe Opera Prima
Swiss lakeside views 2019 Photos from Switzerland
Colours of Nature - Triptycha 2019 The colours of nature displayed at its best
Explanation of the Notes Marks Words c Used in Music by I W Callcott
Twelve Psalm Tunes and Eighteen Double and Single Chants with a New Species of Chant to the Benedicite the Psalm Tunes May Be Adapted to the Old or New Version the Whole Composed for Four Voices by Thos Jackson
Images de la Cote Sauvage 2019 Photos de lune des plus eblouissantes cotes de France
Some Geometrical Porisms with Examples of Their Application to the Solution of Problems by Mr William Wallace from the Fourth Volume of the Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
Methods Proposed for Regulating the Poor Supporting of Some and Employing Others According to Their Several Capacities
County of Clare Presentments at Spring Assizes 1799 Hon Justice Day Mr Prime Serjeant Daly Justices Geo Studdert Sheriff
Epistola Objurgatoria Ad Guilielmum King
Lettre dUn Anglois a Paris
Interesting Suggestions to Proprietors and Trustees of Estates Respecting the Land-Tax Sale and Redemption Act by Simeon Pope
Modest Remarks Upon the Bishop of Londons Letter Concerning the Late Earthquakes by One of the People Called Quakers
Some Bodys Letter to Some Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
Democratic Principles Illustrated by Example by Peter Porcupine Part the First Seventeenth Edition
Address of John Caspar Lavater Curate in Zurich to the Directory of the French Republic
Proposals for a Rural Institute or College of Agriculture and the Other Branches of Rural Economy by Mr Marshall
General Election Or Salvation for All Men Illustrated and Proved a Sermon Preached at the Meeting of the United Brethren in New Britain in Pennsylvania November ------ 1785 by David Evans [three Lines from Isaiah]
Vice-Admal Lestocks Recapitulation as Spoke by Him at the Bar of the Honble House of Commons on Tuesday the 9th of April 1745 Containing His Remarks on the Evidence That Have Been Examined
French Arrogance Or the Cat Let Out of the Bag A Poetical Dialogue Between the Envoys of America and XYZ and the Lady
Albions Comfort on the 28th of May Being the Auspicious Birth-Day of His Sacred Majesty King George by Mr J W H
The Iniquity of Banking Or Bank Notes Proved to Be an Injury to the Public and the Real Cause of the Present Exorbitant Price of Provisions Third Edition
Act on Petition Annesley Against Aylmer in the Goods of Sir Jacob Garrard Downing Bart Deceased
Acts of the General Assembly of South-Carolina Passed in the Year 1765
Or an Explanation of the Doctrine of the Sacrament of the Lords-Supper in a Discourse Between a Minister and One of His Parishioners the Fifth Edition
Divine Songs Attempted in Easy Language for the Use of Children by Isaac Watts DD [two Lines from Matthew] (the Ninety Fourth Edition)
Joel Barlow to His Fellow Citizens of the United States of America a Letter on the System of Policy Hitherto Pursued by Their Government Paris 4 March 1799
The Necessity of Repealing the American Stamp-ACT Demonstrated Or a Proof That Great Britain Must Be Injured by That Act in a Letter to a Member of the British House of Commons
An Oration With Some Observations c Pronounced at the Congregational Meeting-House in Tiverton on the 22d Day of February AD 1800 at the Funeral Ceremony on the Death of General George Washington by Peleg Burroughs VDM
Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session the Petition of Robert Stewart Esq Of St Fort and John and James Greig Sons of John Greig Late Tenant in Hays Mill
Tom Thumb a Tragedy as It Is Acted at the Theatres in London
Meetness for the Heavenly Glory a Just Reason for Thanskgiving Unto God a Funeral Sermon Occasiond by the Much Lamented Death of Mrs Mary Dolins with a Brief Account of Her Exemplary Character by Daniel Mayo MA the Second Edition
Theatrical Correspondence in Death an Epistle from Mrs Oldfield in the Shades to Mrs Br--Ceg---Dle Upon Earth Containing a Dialogue Between the Most Eminent Players in the Shades Upon the Late Stage Desertion
Saint Thomass Mount a Poem Written by a Gentleman in India
Sin Displayd in Its Natural Deformity a Sermon Preachd at the Assizes Held for the County of Surry at Kingston Upon Thames August 3 1724 by Nicolas Brady
Britannia and the Gods in Council A Dramatic Poem Wherein Felicity Is Predicted to Britain by Mr Averay
Church-Authority Vindicated in a Sermon Preachd at Putney May 5 1719 by Fr Hare the Third Edition Corrected
Philanglus and Astraea Or the Loyal Poem
A Sermon Preached Before the University of Cambridge at Saint Marys Church on Sunday October 27 1745 Being the Day of Commemoration of Benefactors by John Garnett
Jobs Exemplary Patience Described and Proposed to Imitation In a Sermon Preached at Wrentham in Suffolk On Occasion of the Death of a Young Child by Samuel Hebden
A Constant Search After Truth the Necessary Result of a Trust in God And a Neglect of a Free Uninterrupted Enquiry Into Religion the Effect of Presumption a Sermon Preachd Before the University of Oxford by George Stubbes
Fashion a Poem Addressed to the Ladies of Great-Britain in Two Books Book First
A Sermon Preachd at Pinners-Hall January 4 1735-6 Occasioned by the Death of John Hollis Esq By Jeremiah Hunt DD
Beauty An Ode With a Dedication to Her Grace the Duchess of R****** by Taliessen de Monmouth
Oratio Anniversaria in Theatro Collegii Medicorum Londinensium Decimo Quinto Calend Novembris Ex Harveii Instituto Anno MDCCXXXIX a Fr Nicholls MD
Some Remarkable Passages Relating to Archbishop Laud Particularly of His Affection to the Church of Rome Being the Twenty Second Chapter of Gages Survey of the West-Indies
The Distinction of Christians Into Clergy and Laity Justified In a Sermon Preached in Lambeth-Chappel On Sunday Nov 3 M DCC XXIII at the Consecration of John Lord Bishop of Norwich
Joshuas Resolution to Serve the Lord a Sermon Preachd at the Conclusion of the Yearly Meeting of the People Calld Quakers at Bristol on the 15th Day of May MDCCXLV by Jonah Thompson Taken in Short-Hand by Bartholomew Edye
Zeal and Moderation Reconcild A Sermon Preacht in the Cathedral of Hereford on the 12th of September 1728 at the Triennial Visitation of Henry Lord Bishop of Hereford by William Stevenson
Submission with Praise to God on the Death of Hopeful Children a Sermon Preached in New Court March 5 1748-9 by Joseph Pitts on the Occasion of the Death of His Only Son to Which Is Added a Poem by the Revd Mr Tho Gibbons
Westminster-Abbey An Elegiac Poem by the Revd Thomas Maurice
Love A-La-Mode a Comedy of Two Acts as It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent Garden by Mr Macklin
Religion and Public Spirit a Valedictory Address to the Senior Class Delivered in Nassau Hall September 21 1760 the Sunday Before Commencement By Samuel Davies AM Late President of the College Deceased
Duplies for Robert Hepburn Esq Of Clerkington to the Replies for the Right Honourable George Earl of Crawfurd and Lindsay
Answers for George Dundas of Dundas Esq Pursuer to the Petition of Thomas Dundas of Fingask
Information for Peter Leslie-Grant of Balquhaine Pursuer Against James Gordon of Cobairdy and Others Defenders
Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session the Petition of Alexander Cushnie and Others Magistrates of Aberdeen
Proof Taken Before the Justices of the Peace for the Shire of Stirling in the Process Archibald Stirling of Keir Esq Against John Christie Late Tenant in Nethertown of Innerallan
Mr Whistons Chronological Tables from AM 0 to AM 2744 or from A4484 to A1500 When the Tables Themselves Begin
Memorial for William Wilson Writer in Edinburgh and the Creditors of Robert Baillie for Their Interest
Democratic Principles Illustrated Part II Containing an Instructive Essay Tracing All the Horrors of the French Revolution to Their Real Causes the Licentious Politics of the Present Age by Peter Porcupine
Answers for Mrs Margaret Murray Defender to the Petition of Mr James Justice One of the Principal Clerks of Session Pursuer
Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session the Petition of Charles William and Alexander Crichtons Sons of Deceased Patrick Crichton of Newington Late Saddler in Edinburgh
Memorial for Sir James Murray Baronet Receiver General of His Majestys Customs in Scotland Defender
Answer for George Sinclair of Ulbster Esq To the Petition of Alexander Earl of Caithness
Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session the Petition of Gavin Ralston of Ralston
Information for Alexander Telfer of Symington Pursuer Against Charles Duke of Queensberry and Dover and Mess Crawfurds and Company Defenders
Memorial Respecting the Minute-Book with Observes Containing Reasons for and Against Printing It
Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session the Petition of Mess Fairholms and Company Merchants in Edinburgh
Present State of Ireland! Mr Grattans Address to His Fellow-Citizens of Dublin on His Retiring from Parliament to Which Is Added His Answer to the Independent Citizens of Dublin
The Waterman Or the First of August a Ballad Opera in Two Acts as Performed at the Theatre-Royal Crow-Street with Great Applause
Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session the Petition of Colin MacDonald of Boisdale and Angus Macdonald Late Tenant in Hestimal
Lord Justice-Clerk Reporter Information for David Loch Merchant in Leith and Others Creditors of James Guild Writer in Edinburgh Against Jean Guild Sister to the Said James in the Ranking of His Creditors
Answers for James Earl Fife To the Petition of Charles Forbes of Auchernach
Memorial for Anthony Foster Some Time Merchant at the West Pier of Newburgh Now Merchant in Berwick and James Duncan Merchant in Perth Pursuers Against John Adamson James Adamson and David Williamson Portioners of Newburgh
[the South-Carolina Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1760 by John Tobler Esq Of New-Windsor]
Three Letters Upon Christian Experience Viz Letter 1 A Or Grace in the Blade Letter 2 B Or Grace in the Ear Letter 3 C Or the Full Corn in the Ear by the Rev John Newton
Americanischer Haus- Und Wirthschafts-Calender Auf Das 1784ste Jahr Christi Nach Dem Pennsylvanischen Horizont Berechnet Jedoch in Den Angrenzenden Staaten Ohne Merklichen Unterscheid [sic] Zu Gebrauchen Zum Finftenmal Heraus Gegeben
MFingal A Modern Epic Poem Canto First or the Town Meeting
A Satyr the Tenth Edition with an Explanatory Preface
P1 Superstock 2019 P1 Superstock powerboats in action
The Delaware Almanac or Eastern-Shore Calendar for the Year of Our Lord 1791 by Jacobus Van Cuelen
Americanischer Stadt Und Land Calender Auf Das 1796ste Jahr Christi
Paysages du Yunnan 2019 Regards sur la Chine le Yunnan
Reform or Ruin Abridged in Which Every Man May Learn the True State of Things at This Time And What That Reform Is Which Alone Can Save the Country! the Twenty Fourth Edition
Lick Upon Lick Occasiond by Another Occasional Letter from Mr Cibber to Mr Pope to Which Is Added the Third Edition a Blast Upon Bays
Americanischer Stadt Und Land Calender Auf Das 1800ste Jahr Christi
The Candid Inquisitor Or Mock Patriotism Displayed A Poem By Oliver James Murray
Swallow A New Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1741 Calculated Properly for Cambridge
Brotherly Love Recommended by the Argument of the Love of Christ A Sermon Preached at Philadelphia January 1747-8 Before the Sacramental Solemnity with Some Enlargement by Gilbert Tennent AM [five Lines of Scriptures Texts]
The Prospect A Lyric Essay by Martin Scriblerus Jun
Extracts from the Writings of Divers Eminent Authors of Different Religious Denominations And at Various Periods of Time Representing the Evils and Pernicious Effects of Stage Plays and Other Vain Amusements
Family-Devotion Or a Plain Exhortation to Morning and Evening Prayer in Families with Two Forms of Prayer Suited to Those Two Seasons and Fitted for One Person in Private for the Use of the Inhabitants of Lambeth Parish
(H2O)12 in BW 2019 Twelve Black and White Images of Water
Englands Glory a Collection of Loyal Songs on the Astonishing Victories Obtaind by His Majestyd Forces and on Thier Majesties Auspicious Nuptials Addressd to Every Lover of His Country
The Rights of the Drama Or an Inquiry Into the Origin Principles and Consequences of Theatrical Entertainments by Philo Dramatis [ten Lines from Milton]
Sunday Reading the Beggarly Boy a Parable
Concerning the Almes-House in Elmswell* Given by Sir Robert Gardener of Pakenham in the County of Suffolk Knight Anno Dom 1614 a True Coppy of the Indenture Followeth
On Visitatorial Jurisdiction in Colleges of the Universities a Letter to the Earl of Mansfield
The Blessed Memory of the Righteous A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of Lieutenant-Colonel John Rattray of Craighall Preached in the Episcopal Chapel at Alyth December 15 1799 by the Revd Alexander Nicoll AM
Christs Compassion on the Multitude Considered in a Sermon Delivered at the Ordination of the Rev Samuel Evans December 27th 1780 at Wedmore Somersetshire by Joshua Toulmin
The True Church of Scotlands [sic] Lamentation Dedicated to Heu Aitkin of Stirstrachen Esq In the Parish of Ore in Galloway Composed in the Prison House of Dalkeith by Robert Ker Anno 1711
Grace Triumphant A Sermon Preached in the Parish Church of St Bennet Grace-Church-Street On November 12 1775 Occasioned by the Death of Mr Thomas Jackson by the Rev Erasmus Middleton the Second Edition
The Comical Sayings of Pady from Cork With His Coat Buttond Behind Being an Elegant Conference Between English Tom and Irish Teague
The Englishman Deceived A Political Piece Wherein Some Very Important Secrets of State Are Briefly Recited and Offered to the Considerarion [sic] of the Public [two Lines in Latin]
Instructions for Young Mariners Respecting the Management of Ships at Single Anchor by Henry Taylor a New Edition
History of Mr Bragwell Or the Two Wealthy Farmers Part III to Which Is Added a New Song on an Old Story
The Righteous Man Exemplified in the Character of Job The Substance of Two Sermons on Job XXIII 7 Preached on the Lords Day January 31 1768 by Thomas Craner
Uzziah and Jotham a Poem
Be Ye Also Ready a Funeral-Discourse Occasiond by the Much Lamented Death of Mr Thomas Adams Who Died in the 23d Year of His Age Preached in St Thomass Southwark July 10th 1737 by Henry Read the Second Edition
Report of the Trustees for Managing the Fund Established for a Provision for the Widows and Children of the Ministers of the Church of Scotland c to the General Assembly of the Said Church Held at Edinburgh the 20th Day of May 1779
Some Proposals for the Revival of Christianity
Justice Preferable to Sacrifice a Sermon Preachd at the Assizes Holden at Hertford Before the Right Honourable Sir John Comyns Knt and Sir Lawrence Carter Knt July the 14th 1740 by Charles Brown
Mercies in Judgment A Sermon Preached on the Day of General Thanksgiving December 19 1797 in the Parish Church of St Andrew Wardrobe and St Ann Black Friars London by the Reverend William Goode
The Nativity and Church-Yard Soliloquy With a [sic] Universal Prayer by Henry Groombridge
Acis and Galatea a Serenata As It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden the Musick Composed by Mr Handel
The Doctrine of Justification Set Forth in a Sermon Preached at St Jamess on the Sixth Sunday After Easter 1714 by Anthony William Boehm
Disputatio Juridica Ad Tit XIV Lib XLVIII Digest de Lege Julia Ambitus Quam Pro Advocati Munere Consequendo Publicae Disquisitioni Subjicit Gulielmus Rae Ad Diem 25 Junii
The Cloven Foot Or a Peep Into Hell Being a Most Impartial Critique on the Devil and a Few of His Leige Subjects a Fragment
Observations Upon the Present Government of Pennsylvania in Four Letters to the People of Pennsylvania [seven Lines from Adams]
Considerations for the Better Establishment of the Church of England Under the Following Heads I the Government of Bishops VI Provision for Sufficient Maintenances in the Church
Defensive War in a Just Cause Sinless a Sermon Preached on the Day of the Continental Fast at Tredyffryn in Chester County by the Revd David Jones AM Published by Request [one Line from Daniel]
Ans Alex Mackenzie WS to the Pet York-Buildings Co Answers for Alexander Mackenzie Writer to the Signet Defender To the Petition of the Governor and Company of Undertakers for Raising the Thames Water in York-Buildings Pursuers
Poetical Meditations on the Four Last Things Viz on Death and Judgment Heaven and Hell Composed for the Edification and Future Benefit of All Christian Families by William Tansur
State of the Bury Dispensary Instituted 1789 for Administering Advice and Medicines to the Industrious Poor at the Dispensary or Their Own Habitations
Calendarium Astrologicum Or an Almanack for the Year MDCCII Containing the General State of the Year With the Sign Each Day Therein Eclipses Terms High-Water Sun and Moons Rising and Setting by Thomas Trigge
The Traytors Reward Or a Kings Death Revenged in a Sermon Preachd on the Thirtieth of January 1713 at the Parish-Church of St Ethelburga by Luke Milbourne with Notes on Mr Bradbury
Swallow a New Almanack for the Year of Our Lord God 1702
Grammatical Strictures on the English Language by William Belchier Esq Kent
Bath Harmonic Society Glees Catches Duets c to Be Performed for the Entertainment of the Ladies at the Lower Assembly-Rooms March the 19th 1800
Dade 1702 the Country-Mans Kalendar for the Year of Christ 1702
Substance of a Sermon Preached at the Lock-Chapel on Wednesday February 25th 1795 Being the Day Appointed for a General Fast by the Rev John Walker
Trinity in Unity an Idea of That Great Mystery According to the Doctrine of the Scriptures the Illustration of the Antients and the Philosophical Schemes of the Moderns by a Sincere Friend to the Churchs Peace
Poems Pastorals and Dialogues by Morgan OConner
A Voyage to Boston a Poem [five Lines from Shakespeare] by the Author of American Liberty a Poem General Gages Soliloquy c
Venere E Adone a Musical Drama Written by Joseph Giannini LLD and Set to Music by Signor Mortellari
Answers for Robert Blacklock in Fairgirth to the Petition of Patrick Heron of Heron Robert Maxwell of Cargen and George Goldie Merchant in Edinburgh Tutors Dative to Alexander Goldie Writer to the Signet
Injurd Innocence Or Virtue in Distress an Affecting Narrative Founded on Facts Containing the History of Miss Adams and Lord Whatley by His Lordships Chaplain
Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session the Petition of Colin Campbell of Kilberry Esq
Captain OBlunder Or the Brave Irishman a Farce as Acted at the Theatres in London Dublin and Edinburgh Written by Mr Sheridan

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